~*Sleepover Zoe!*~ (Skin Concept by Iruse)

This is a Slumber Party/Sleepover Zoe skin concept made for the Riot Art Contest that i saw on Polycount by an artist named Iruse IT'S SUPER FREAKING CUTE AND I LOVE THE BRAIDS ;W; so i wanted to share it with people on here :3 the artist did a really good job! It looks Legit ;A; i also thought i'd add some ability ideas as well >_< so ye :p https://imgur.com/a/R8ygg Passive- White sparkles with ZzZzZzZzZ's in it :3 Q- A sparkles Pillow or Stuffed Animal (maybe like the one in the picture :p) that explodes with ZzZzZ's and Sparkles~ and maybe feathers or cotton lol W-Drops a pillow or stuffed animal or something kek, the balloon can have a Z on it or can be a poro balloon or something xD the 3 missiles after casting a spell can be feathers like from inside a pillow, or little glowing stars that u stick on the ceiling xD It can be Z's LOL E- This can be a big puffy pillow that plops on the floor lingering with white sparkles, feathers and zZzZzZ's kekekek lol it could be a sand bubble (to reference the sandman that makes people fall asleep LOL idk i'm dumb ;w;) it can also just be a white bubble with the z's n stuff lol the tune can probably stay the same unless someone has another idea lol R- her ulti can be her diving into a Pillow Portal XD or a tiny round blanket fort opening with pillows inside LOL idk i can imagine it but it's hard to describe LOL it can be a few different thing tbh lol maybe even something silly like a toybox opening with toys and stuffed animals in it kek Ye that's what i thought the abilities could be xD i hope you guys love this idea the person obviously did an AMAZING job on the concept and it's SUPER cute and i'd LOVE to see it become real ;w; it's adorable ALSO I FREAKING LOVE TWIN BRAIDS AND THEY LOOK SO FKING CUTE ON ZOE AHHHHHHH NEEEDDD Rito Keep Zoe with Twin Braids in mind xD that needs to happen LOL thank you :3 http://polycount.com/discussion/comment/2615821#Comment_2615821

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