The Mischievous Adventures part 393

(Much Later) {{champion:245}}: "So a race huh?" {{champion:113}}: "Yep, starting off this week sweaty and bumped." {{champion:39}}: "That's one unsanitary way of saying it." {{champion:122}}: "I don't mind, let's do this!" {{champion:99}}: "Wait wait! Before we start how about we change it up?" {{champion:141}}: "In what regard?" {{champion:163}}: "How about boys verse girls?" {{champion:99}}: "Ohohoho! Now that sounds awesome." {{champion:92}}: "That's nice and all, but how's that going to structured?" {{champion:163}}: "Let's say if either boy or girl makes it to the end of the three mile trail, their team wins." {{champion:203}}: "Um how does this rule apply to us?" {{champion:81}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:163}}: "Um...." {{champion:90}}: "Would you be fine if you were just included?" {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}}: "Sure." {{champion:99}}: "No anyway, let's do this!" {{champion:21}}: "Hope you boys can keep up." {{champion:81}}: "Oh trust us we will." {{champion:113}}: "Is that a bet?" {{champion:122}}: "It's a dare." {{champion:222}}: "Ohoho, now this getting exciting. Sorry Kayn but we're going to win this." {{champion:141}}: "You may try." {{champion:99}}: "Ok enough roasting, let's do this." (Later) {{champion:245}}: " a tie?" {{champion:113}}: "I guess...we were too determined..." {{champion:1}}: " you think we should do a rematc-" {{champion:81}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:163}}: "NO!" {{champion:61}}: "I could."
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