The Mischievous Adventures part 355

(Next day) {{champion:40}}: *Hums* Thug 1: "Hey pretty lady." {{champion:40}}: "Hm? Did someone call me pretty?" Thug 2: "Yeah we did, and we were wondering if you could spare use your purse for awhile." {{champion:40}}: "Oh well while I do like compliments, I don't like being robbed. So no." Thug 3: "Suit yourself, we're just going to have to do this the hard way." {{champion:40}}: "Oh please do so." Thug 1: "What do you mean? Your not scared?" {{champion:40}}: "Oh not at all. I actually wanted to see how long you three would last before he got to you." Thug 2: "He?" {{champion:6}}: *Appears behind them* {{champion:40}}: "My friend." (Weird 5 second timeskip later) Thug 1,2,3: *All knocked out* {{champion:40}}: "Well thank you for saving me Mr. Urgot. As thank, would you like some icecream with me? It's on me." {{champion:6}}: *Nods*
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