[Champion Concept] Teushpa, Sulpae, and Idri-Mi, the Golden Sentinels

After the fall of Shurima, three queens from across the continent of Shurima were enslaved by a ruthless Darkin warlord. When shown the err of his ways by the Aspect of Twilight he betrayed his Darkin brothers and sister, dying with many of them in a heated battle. Following his death, the three formerly enslaved queens volunteered to bind their souls to magic golden starmetal armor forged by the gods. They would hunt down the remaining Darkin, along side their newly freed armies, and the Aspects of the gods. Now with the return of the looming Darkin menace their souls have been called to reawaken their armor to destroy the Darkin, once and for all. Teushpa - Ancient queen of the Serpent Isles. Carries a hammer. >Teushpa ... her muscular arms knotted with tattoos and banded with jade torques. Defiant, but loyal, she had been the last to offer her blood. Sulpae - Ancient queen of Icathia. Carries a spear and shield. > Sulpae was desert-born with a lineage that reached back to the time before Azir’s father. She stamped her long spear ... Her shaven scalp was scarified in a grid and pierced with gold beads at every ridged intersection. Idri-Mi - Ancient queen of the Blessed Isles. Carries a massive double headed axe. >Idri-Mi, proud and sturdy, held her long-hafted axe at her shoulder, its double-leafed blades heavier than most men could lift. She was a queen from the east whose mother and grandmother had fought for him. Her pale skin was like ivory, her long black hair hung with silver hooks. --- https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Busrd7j-ueA/maxresdefault.jpg --- Melee **_Read Ultimate First_** Passive - Armor of the Gods: The first crowd control effect in combat that slows, knocks up, away, or pulls has it's effect and distance reduced by half. Leaving combat, or switching armor refreshes this passive. Inanimate armor always has this effect. Q - Titan Fall - Teushpa: Teushpa slams her hammer at a target location, dealing physical damage, slowing, and grounding enemies hit for a second. * Sulpae: Sulpae slams her spear in a target direction, dealing physical damage, and knocking all enemies away from the entire length of her spear. This ability can critically strike enemies near the tip of her spear, causing them to be knocked away even further. * Idri-Mi: Idri-Mi slams her axe at a target location, dealing mixed damage to all enemies hit. Enemies at the very center of the axe are dealt bonus true damaged and are grievously wounded for a few seconds. * **Teushpa - Soul of the Serpent Isles**: Teushpa slams her hammer at a target location, dealing true damage to enemies hit by the hammer, and cracking the earth in a target direction across the map for a few seconds. causing Tentacles to reach up from the crack, which periodically slam near by enemies, which deal physical damage. W - Might of Aeons - Teushpa: Teushpa takes a step in a target direction, even over walls, dealing physical damage to the first enemy in her path, as she punches them rooting herself for 1 second and stunning them for 2 seconds. * Sulpae: Sulpae thrusts her spear in a target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies in a line. If this ability critically strikes, it will pull the damaged enemies towards her a short distance after this ability ends. * Idri-Mi: Idri-Mi slashes the air in front of her with her axe, creating a misty tear in front of her. Idri-Mi, or her allies can click on the mist, within the next few seconds, and become stealthed. While stealthed their next movement command will allow them to blink within sight range around the mist. * **Sulpae - Soul of Icathia:** Sulpae dashes in a target direction across the map in an instant, dealing true damaged, based on their max health, to the first enemy champions she runs into. Once she hits an enemy champion she will disarm, silence, and slow herself as she lifts them into the air on her spear, stunning them and carrying them with Sulpae for a few seconds. If Sulpae does not hit an enemy champion, she will fall back down where she casted this ability, after a brief moment. E - Will of Nations - Teushpa: Teushpa lifts an allied champion, or inanimate armor, slowing herself, and rooting the allied champion, for a few seconds. Allied champions can still attack and cast non movement abilities while being carried. Recasting this ability will throw the allied champion, or inanimate armor, in a target direction. Throwing armor has double the range and deals true damage to enemies where it lands. * Sulpae: Sulpae shields herself, slowing, and always rotating towards the nearest enemy champion, reducing damage taken. Recasting this ability will allow her to throw her spear in a target direction over the shield, dealing physical damage in a line. This ability can critically strike, and if it does it will slow the enemy champion critically struck as the spear remains stuck in them. Sulpae will then be disarmed, but gain bonus movement speed towards the struck enemy, dealing bonus true damage when she pulls the spear from them. Leaving combat will instantly return the spear. * Idri-Mi: Idri-Mi slashes through a target enemy or ally champion, which deals no damage. She will then summon a spirit copy of that champion, with a fraction of their stats, which then marches down the nearest lane for several seconds, prioritizing enemy champions. Idri-Mi can target an inanimate armor, animating it for several seconds, it will prioritize attacking your target. It's movement can be directly controlled by recasting this ability. * **Idri-Mi - Soul of the Blessed Isles:** Idri-Mi channels for a moment, praying as she lightly taps the ground with her axe, which sends a wave of mist across the map. All champions who are currently dead will cause Idri-Mi to summon their spirit at the location of their death. They will then march down the nearest lane until they are destroyed, each with their respective stats. Both inanimate armors will also animate, so long as they are still standing, for several seconds. You will have direct control of Idri-Mi, recasting this ability will control Teushpa, and while they are animated casting your ultimate ability will control Sulpae. R - United We Stand - Passive: The first two levels of this ability summon Sulpae's, and Idri-Mi's inanimate armor, respectively. The inanimate armor can still be attacked, however, inanimate armor gains 50% damage resistance, except from tower damage. Each set of armor has it's own health and rewards gold when killed, when killed you must recall to respawn it. When you are killed while inanimate armor is near by, you will automatically switch control to the armor. Inanimate armor acts as terrain. When leaving the area of an inanimate armor, it will eventually crumble, going on cooldown for a moment before respawning near the active armor. Instead of leveling this ability a third time, you can choose to level one of the basic abilities, giving one queen an ultimate level ability, based on the ability leveled. * Active: Casting this ability switches control to the next set of armor, changing the basic abilities. * Switching armor will always go from Teushpa -> Sulpae -> Idri-Mi, skipping a queen if their armor has been destroyed, or animated by Will of Nations.

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