Uzume the Petal Dancer

P(**8-step Petal Dance**) Each time Uzume attacks a new target she deals a small amount of bonus damage based on their current health and heals for a small amount .this heal is increased against champions. Q(**Playful Step**)-flips over the last enemy she hit within 1.5s dealing damage as she passes over them. Applies on-hit effects including "Nadeshiko" and can critically strike. Uzume ALWAYS lands directly behind her target. W(**Lotus Waltz**) -performs an evasive spin dance for 1 second unable to be hit during the action. Uzume Heals for each projectile,ability or attack dodged during the duration. (can be used while moving) (Projectiles that explode on hit such as Super Mega Death Rocket while simply pass through her instead of impacting her) E(**Nadeshiko**)-Uzume Next 3 attacks deal increased damage . 1> 1.5 >2.0X damage. The Final strike also reduces Uzume cooldowns and Roots the target . R ( **Chrysanthemum**) -Uzume performs her elegance dance diving from target to nearby target (enemy, ally or creature), knocking them back a short distance, slowing and damaging enemies (applies 8-step petal Dance). While Uzume is airborne, you may reactivate to leap to a different target. Five jumps maximum. The final jump deals increased damage based on the number of jumps before. If Uzume hops at least twice, she’ll get a burst of move speed upon landing. Sex:Female or androgynous male Age: 18-26 Weapon: Kris or Chinese Sword Archetype fulfilled: Ionian Traditional Dancer Defining Colors: Pink, Green and Purple Personality and Lore: A friendly, respectful, and eccentric individual. Uzume sees "dancing" as the ultimate expression. She finds that there is a certain power to music and dance that can reinvigorate even the most weary and enervated.She quests the world bringing with her the miracle of dance and music looking to encounter fantastic,powerful and whimsical individuals. On the Battlefield she seeks protect her home country Ionia and prove that there there is nothing better in life but to dance,laugh and express oneself... even if its in battle.
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