Takalotl, the Frog Sage

Takalotl was just a small child when he was lost in the Kumungu Jungle during a failed expedition with his parents. On the brink of death, he was saved by a tribe of amphibian Vastaya, who's only hope to save the young boy was to impart a part of their Shomas into him. Never knowing his real name or where he came from, Takalotl quickly adapted to life in the jungle, but could never shake the feeling that he didn't truly belong there, haunted by the hazy memories of a past life... Takalotl is a Marksman, throwing poisoned needles and reaching the height of his potential by getting up-close and personal with his hopless- hapless targets. **Passive - Bogroot's Blessing** - Takalotl applies a venomous coating to his needles. Whenever his needles strike an enemy, they apply a stack of **Poison** for 3 seconds. **Poisoned** enemies take some damage each second. **Q - Pin Down** - Takalotl throws two needles in quick succession in a target direction. Each needle slows the first target hit and deals damage. In mid-air, Pin Down strikes all enemies in an area around Takalotl. The area increases in size the higher he is in the air. **W - Catalyzing Serum** - Takalotl coats the next basic attack he throws with a special substance, reacting with the **Poison** stacks on his target, dealing extra damage for each stack consumed (max 10). **E - Speartongue** - Takalotl launches his tongue forward. Upon hitting an enemy or terrain, he pulls himself through the air towards that location. Enemies hit by the tongue are also pulled a short distance towards Takalotl. _Taklotl can pull himself over an enemy if he's already close, but can not cross terrain. He can cast Pin Down while airborne_ **R - Leap Frog** - Takalotl jumps forward a short distance, high into the air, dodging basic-attacks and gaining attack range. _He can auto-attack during this jump and can cast Pin Down._
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