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http://polycount.com/discussion/comment/2615672#Comment_2615672(this person made an alice in woderland conept and i used a pic concept as reference so check out their ADORABLE great work :3) (Art by Scarlia on polycount)I thought it'd make sense to have an Elementalist skin for Zoe :o because just like Lux, she could match skins for EVERY element :3 and it'd look SO COOL! her hair can correlate with each element :D each one can be like this (i'll draw artwork later, but i don't have a drawing tablet and i'm mediocre at art so it'll be pooh BUT I'LL TRY! ^^) ALSO i thought it'd make sense even for Zoe to get an elementalist skin because she hates lux and will be like "NO I'M THE BETTER ELEMENTALIST! YOU DON'T OWN THE ELEMENTS >:c!" (like how she says "You don't OWN Rainbows! >:C" xD so this is how i thought it could look :3 **Light/light star form**- All light and sparkly she has platinum light blonde hair with some sort of fancy sparkly hairstyle maybe (i thought sparkly whiteish twin braids would be cute~) her abilities are all light white sparkles and rainbow themed Passive-white sparkly beam or rainbow beam~ (white sparkles with a rainbow swirling around them? Q- a white star or a white star with a rainbow trail~ W-the balloons are white and sparkly with a little rainbow picture on them? the little symbol under them is a rainbow? xD the missiles are white sparkly rainbow spheres that shoot out as rainbow swirls~ and the pic under the spell drops is a rainbow? xD E- White sparkly bubble with a rainbow trail that pops with a white sparkly rainbow puddle xD (you get the color theme right LOL) R- rainbow tunnel with a white outline **Water Form** - This ones self explanatory she can have an outfit similar to the water fairies from like tinker bell xD her hair can be blackish blue and have a trail of water coming off the end~ Passive- Water beam duh. xD(maybe with bubbles? BUBBLE BEAM LOL)(pokemon reference kekekek) Q- This can be a water ball or tbh a water balloon makes sense too since she's a trickster god :p W- Balloons are water balloons? or bubbles on a string lol, the spells have a lil bubble when dropped, The missiles are lil water bubbles lol E- blue water bubble that shoots with a bubble trail~ or water trail w/e lol linger trap is blue with bubbles kek R- 2 water portals or water puddles kek **Air Form** - HER HAIR CAN BE GORGEOUS WHITE CLOUD PUFFS ;W; and her outfit can be so cute imagine if she had cute lil cloud skirt and stuff lol Passive- Air beam~ Q-Cloud puff or air ball like what aang rides in avatar xDDD W-Clouds for balloons, The spell on the ground has a cloud pic kek or an air ball, Her missiles are lil clouds or air spheres E- Air bubble or cloud bubble the linger has lil clouds instead of butterflies~ R- Tornado air tunnel~ to be funny put a tiny cow in the tunnel xD **Fire Form** - She can have fiery flame hair with fire trailing behind it~ her outfit can have dark orange colors with yellows and blacks Passive- Fire Beam kek Q-If it wasn't obvious, a fire ball xD W-Balloon is a fire balloon with a flame picture on it? or a straight up flame or flamed shaped balloon, picture of a flame for dropped abilities, missiles are fire balls E-Fire Bubble kekekek i can visualize it even though it sounds kinda silly lol but i see it as a thing~ it can look like calcifer from howls moving castle, linger is a lil campfire LOL jk idk it can be a fire circle xD or burnt ground with sublte flames? R-Fire portal tunnel xD(i feel like all these different tunnels can have different sound effects rly cool) **Nature Form** - Her hair can be leaves that fade into different colors going down from greens to yellows to browns~ that trail offward~ :3 her outfit can be like a little grassy woodland fairy~ she maybe can have lil tiny wings :3 like elderwood leblanc but smoller Passive- Green beam of light? or vine? or leaf beam? Q- Ball of nature like grass leaf green energy orb (explodes with leaves :3) (could also have flower petals :3 W- balloon is a leaf ball (maybe like the one from totoro? :3) the spell on the ground can be a lil pile of leaves or just a leaf OR A FLOWER ;O; Missiles are lil leaves or flowers or flower petals :P E-Leaf bubble (maybe flowers in it) the linger is a bunch of leaves on the ground with monarchs or something for the butterflies? or leaf butterflies? :o R-Pile or leaves she dives into for ulti tunnels? or grassy leafy flowery green tunnels? idk dives into a hollow wood stump? :p **Ice Form** - Her hair can be white with flue accent and is in a braid (cuz frozen reference) Her outfit can be a cute sparkly blue dress with ice shards or maybe something cute and wintery (like taliyahs freljord skin) Passive- Ice beam (dassa pokemon ability kek) Q- Snowball? Or ice shard? :o W-Balloons are Snowflakes :D or POROS~ Spell drop image is a snowflake, Her missiles are snowflakes E-Ice Bubble that shatters with snowflakes on linger trap and has snow on the ground (or an icy ground) R- Crashes into a frozen lake for tunnels, or just snowy icy snowflake portals (diving into snow) **Lightning Form** - THE CUTEST GREY CLOUD POOF HAIR EVER WITH LITTLE LIGHTNING BOLTS IN IT ;W; aahhhh AHHAHA(art reference);w; maybe spikey lightning hair~ Passive-Lightning bolt >W< Q-Lightning ball~ CHIDORI XDDD W- Lightning cloud balloon, Lightning bolt on spell drop, Missiles are lightning bolts~ E-Zappy lightning bubble~ poofs with clouds of lightning and the linger trap has little lightning bolts on it and is shocky looking R-Portal of zappy lightning and lil cloud puffs zappy shocky like electricity~ yellow and blue lighting maybe? so it doesn't just look like a yellow shocky tunnel **Mystic Form** Maybe give her some curly sparkly purple and pink hair with little antenna's GIVE HER LIL FAIRY WINGS ;W; she can be dressed ADORABLY like a cute little sparkly butterfly fairy >_< Passive- Sparkly purple beam~ Q-Ball of butterfly sparkly purple magic light~ explodes with butterflies on impact W-Balloon is a butterfly~ (all W balloons can also just be balloons with the elements symbol on them~) butterfly symbol on dropped spells, Missiles are butterflies with sparkles~(purple butterflies, Lulu approves~) she gonna be like "Yup that tasted purple" https://78.media.tumblr.com/61acc444e25323ab7d81b42408d442c9/tumblr_p11jvpNfVx1wn2b96o1_500.gif E-Bubble of sparkly purple magic with purple and pink butterflies on linger (swirly sparkly pink dust on the ground on trap/linger) R- Portal of pink/purple sparkles and butterflies, i think something that looks like a portal to the glade would be cool xD **Magma Form** Magma lava hair with lava trailing off the end~ Dark black and oranges in outfit Passive-Lava beam Q-Ball of lava with lava rock on it that explodes with lava W-Balloon can be a picture of a volcano on it xD or a ball of lava, pic on spell drop on floor is a puddle of lava, Lava missiles(lava rocks that shoot with lava trails) E- Lava bubble? Lava rock bubble that pops with a puddle of Lava and has cute lil fireball creatures floating around it? (like calcifer but floating lol) R- Dives into a volcano top xD **Dark Form**- This ones the obvious opposite of her base form, Like Lux's~ This skin will be like dark star or goth combines lol She can have dark almost black roots with dark purple hair, Black light coming off the end of it? Passive-Dark swirly beam Q-Dark black and purple star~ explodes with black sparkles W- Balloons are Dark purple with a black star symbol on them, Symbol under dropped spell is a black star, Missiles are black/purple stars~ E- Black portal bubble with purple accents, SIMILAR to syndras orbs but different looking and more see through? with purple sparkles? maybe a purple bubbles dark purple with black accents~ Linger/trap is a black hole looking thing with black sparkles around it R- Dives into a black hole with purple accents and stuff~ :3 THAT'S WHAT IV'E GOT ^^ I hope you guys rly like it <3 and give the artist some credit :p cuz i got the main idea from said person concept art ;A; it's so cute ;-; i also thought it made a lot of sense for Zoe to have an Elementalist skin for the reasons i listed above, also reasons like, All her abilities match elements and this skin line VERY well, and her abilities are easy to make/animate like Lux's are :3 her hair can play a huge part in roles of her elements ;w; it's soo cool ;A; i think she could also get her own ward that looks like a gold swirly holder thing that depending on what element you are the element theme symbol thing can float above the gold stand~ (like lux's ward) She can also have the icons like Lux's :D but something slightly different with a more Zoe feel lol, Zoe so jealous Lux thinks she OWNS THE ELEMENTS!? PUH-LEASE >:C I'LL LEARN THEM ALL TOO! I'M BETTER THAN HER I'LL IMPRESS EZREAL UGHHH! D:< xDDD I was also thinking of drawing out each element ;w; i don't have the drawing tablet to make it look great BUT I'LL TRY MY BEST ON PAPER ;A; ahhh I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! ;w; Thank you for reading and taking the time to click on my post >w< <3 <3 <3 Bai bai >___

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