Current Champion Concepts and Creation Problems

Hi, I am a veteran LOL player, solid diamond player, and I have an very important concern that I would like to address today. League of Legends is a team game. It is a 5v5 game, and each person in the team has almost equal influence to get the team the victory. However, League of Legends is now making itself too much of a team game. This is a hugely problem in rank plays and degrades solo queue rank plays (which I believe is the core experience of LOL game itself), because there are always tilted players, trolls, mindless players. Now with shut down golds shared upon teammates, and champions' power being weakened to have lower standards (literally every champions are being nerfed. Why not just leave all champions strong as they were? It is harder to balance but you guys can do it!), there are now limited opportunities for players to carry the game than ever before. If there is any tilted players, trolls, or mindless players, it is more likely than ever to lose the game, no matter how much you try. This is exceptionally true in Diamond+ solo ranking plays. Making League of Legends too much of a team game and taking individualistic exceptional individuals to shine is truly becoming a problem in LOL, especially in ranked player plat+. Should 1 bad teammate ruin the entire game experience? Is this fair? I do not believe so. I believe even League of Legends will always be a team sport, it should allow exceptional players to carry the games. A great example is Ryze. I can't carry the game with Ryze anymore with this massive damage reduction nerf in the patch 6.3 making Ryze's passive to cast maximum of 5 spells. I offer solution to this current problems. Champion's strength standard should be higher. Each champion should be stronger. Please stop nerfing champions. Azir, nidalee, Ryze, leblanc, talon, corki, kat. Every champion have been nerfed hard. I think it would make LOL massively more fun, if champions were back to where they were - every champions stronger. It would be harder to balance champions with them stronger but I believe rioters can do it, if you cant hire me then I will work on it. If champions are stronger and have clear weaknesses in them, players would be more actively engaged in the game by either slaughtering the enemy team or carefully countering the opponent with smarts to win the game. Each champion being stronger would allow each player to carry the game more easily. Make league like democratic USA, and stop the path for it to become the communist China!
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