Let me just state that the Janna's original Splash-Art looks anorexic and offensive.

After playing a lot of League of Legends games and trying Janna I've really gotten to like her, but I feel like her newest main splash art is just not as good as the one she had before. Not only do I not like it, but she looks anorexic, plain and simple. And it's not just me who things that, people on different boards and forms online have commented on that Janna's splash art is an offensive incorrect depiction of the female anatomy. When I've shown Janna's splash-art to random people, some who play League of Legends others who don't, and asked them to list 3 things about the splash art, almost all of them has commented that she looks too skinny or straight up anorexic. These are Janna's main splash-arts over the years. Now tell me, which one do you like the most? http://apollo-na-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1413399611983/jannapsd.jpg In Janna's most recent main splash-art: she has a really skinny neck, bony stomach and humongous tights. I get Riot wanted to do a mixture with her original artwork and one with her second artwork to show off Janna is both beautiful yet airy and mysterious. But if they were going to do that, why not make the art concept look more like Tempest Janna, which looks better, is a powerful non-offensive splash-art, and fits her lore. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/n254a-VC8VQ/maxresdefault.jpg **My suggestion to Riot, and the creators who made Janna's new Slash Art is simply to please change it. It's offensive. ** Also I would like to tell everyone to please keep their comments civilized when discussing this. And I DID NOT make the .gif you see at the top of the post, that is simply a _"rough"_ suggestion.
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