Champion Revealed: Helmet Bro, the Void Knight Original forum post [link]( **Champion: Helmet Bro, the Void Knight.** *Overview: * Helmet Bro is a melee AP bruiser who uses the Void's own dark powers against them, relying on crippling silences and slowly wearing down his opponents, while shrugging off their own retaliation. Helmet Bro is a dogged warrior, unflinching in his resolve and implacable in his advance. The creatures of the Void will come to fear the name of Helmet Bro. *Lore:* “February Nineteenth, Institute of War, Eastern Outskirts; My brother Valan and I, were contracted to guard the Institute's Eastern front. There were rumors of something approaching from there. Void. It was something from the void, according to the Summoners. Something that while dangerous, should pose little threat to two talented knights like Valan and I. We had our gear ready in an hour, and were hidden in the forest's edge before nightfall.” “February Twenty-First, Institute of War, Eastern Outskirts; Whatever it was, it came up on Valan in the night. We're trained warriors, dammit, how did he miss it? That doesn't matter now. He's dead. Ashes. The only thing left of him was his sword and helmet, both crackling with a strange, violet energy. Void magic. Before I could even finish grieving the damned thing fired upon me with a beam of light; same thing that killed Valan, most likely. I managed to dodge it, barely. My cloak and sword were destroyed up to the hilt. I managed to run for a few meters before it caught up with me. Gods, it was massive. Taller than the trees. Tentacles writhing, three smaller eyes crowned over one colossal retina, a dark slit that flattened as it was charging the blast to end my life. Only, the blast never came. Summoners from the Institute had arrived, and barely managed to subdue the creature before it had killed me. They took it away with them, and brought me to the infirmary. I never even got to bury Valan.” “February Twenty-Second, Institute of War, Infirmary; I'm fine, dammit, but they won't let me go back to the forest to bury Valan. They won't even let me leave this room – they want me to stay for 'observation'. They want me to stay so I won't kill them all. I heard their plans, their whispers. They're letting that monster – that THING – live. The alien beast that killed my brother, took the only thing I cared about in this world from me, and they're letting it go. They're arranging a deal with it! It's going to stay at the Institute and compete in their accursed League, in exchange for knowledge! I'd heard that they dealt with monsters before, but this... This is sickening. In a flash of dark light, something entered the infirmary, stunning the nurse sent to attend me. On instinct I rose to defend myself, but it was no threat. It was salvation. Kassadin, the League Champion, the Voidwalker, had come to me. He presented three things to me; Valan's sword and helmet, along with my own sword hilt, still crackling with that evil energy. He spoke to me then. “If you want revenge, take it”. With that, he was gone. I can never thank him enough. Donning my equipment, I left the infirmary. If they won't battle the darkness of the Void, then I will. I'm not alone; Kassadin stands by my side, and Valan watches me from the afterlife. Vel'Koz will pay. The Void will pay. Valan Helmen is dead. Marrak Helmen is dead. The Helmet of my brother is all that remains.” Abilities: Passive – Void Blade: Helmet Bro's basic attacks deal 5(xLevel)+(0.25AP) bonus magic damage. Q – Dodge Roll/Ashen Strike: Helmet Bro nimbly rolls a short distance away. For three seconds afterword, Helmet Bro's next attack becomes Ashen Strike, allowing Helmet Bro to leap to an enemy's location, dealing additional magic damage and silencing them. Bonus Magic Damage: 30 / 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 (+0.40 AP) Cooldown: 8 seconds Silence duration: 2 seconds. For an accurate leap range, think Rengar's passive (600 units). W – Cloak of Shadows: Helmet Bro raises his cloak, gaining a temporary spell shield that lasts two seconds. If Cloak of Shadows absorbs a spell, Helmet Bro releases the spell's energy, dealing the spell's damage type in an area around him. The spell does not copy the enemy spell's damage, only the damage type. Damage: 75/95/115/135/155 Cooldown: 14 seconds. Area of effect: About 425 units. (For comparison, Darius' Decimate has a 425 unit range) E – Void Blast: Passive: Helmet Bro stores charges for each spell used by a nearby enemy champion in his helmet. His helmet can hold six charges, and charges deteriorate one at a time every three seconds. Active: Helmet Bro releases a blast of Void energy in a thin line from his helmet, dealing magic damage and slowing the first enemy champion in the line. The spell does 10% bonus damage for each charge stored in the helmet before using Void Blast. Magic Damage - zero charges: 70/115/160/205/250 (+0.50 AP) Magic Damage - six charges: 112/184/256/328/400 (+.50 AP) Cooldown: 16/14/12/10/8 seconds. Spell range: About 600 units. R (Ultimate) – The Purge: Helmet Bro draws his brother's sword, and stabs it into the ground. The blade releases its stored Void energy for six seconds, dealing magic damage and perpetuating a Silencing field around a small area. Enemies cannot cast spells while in the area, and Helmet Bro gains bonus magic resistance while standing in the Silencing field. After the six seconds the Silencing field collapses in on itself, dealing magic damage to them. Magic Damage - Explosion: 200/325/450 (+.45 AP) Magic Damage - Implosion: 225/375/500 (+.45 AP) Bonus Magic Resist: 45/60/75 Area of effect: About 500 units. *Quotes:* In champion select: "They made a mistake letting me live." Movement: "They think they can reign free in our land. They're wrong." "I've got promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep." "They're more corrupt than you realize." "They've made a deal with the devil. I'll show them why that was a mistake." "Valan, I will make sure you haven't died in vain." "I've seen true terror. Nothing else will ever come close." "For a better world." "Bring evil unto evil." Attacking: "For Valan!" "Retribution!" "Death to the Void!" "Your magic is useless here!" "Death to the mage!" "Suffer not the Void-born to live!" Joke: Helmet Bro takes off his helmet, balancing it on the tip of his sword. "One part head gear, two parts stylish." "I guess you could call using the Void to kill the Void hypocritical, but... Shut up." Taunt: Helmet Bro points his sword forward as it glows and crackles with purple energy. "You. Will. Die." "FOR VALAN. FOR RUNETERRA. YOU. SHALL. NOT. PASS." *In Closing:* I got bored, decided Helmet Bro is the best champion ever, and needed a kit. **PS:** I almost forgot to add this goddamned AMAZING voiceover of HB's lore by StephanosRex. Mad props to this guy: [Helmet Bro Lore read]( also, [LoL Wiki page format](,_the_Void_Knight) Thoughts?
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