New Champion Concept. '00, The Systems Error'

Who are they? They are called 00 (Double O), they are an assassin that would fit the support role best and has the job of gaining intel and making sure nobody see's him or his team. He is a hooded figure with a white mask that has black markings on it, all his face is covered besides his white eyes and small black pupils. His weapon is a sharply curved blade with 2 spikes on the convex side. What is his abilities? (Names still to be given) Passive- When 00 is seen by an enemy after exiting fog of war/stealth/bushes, he locks an enemies basic ability at random for 3 seconds (6 second cooldown) Q- 00 enters Invisibility/Camouflage and gains a 5%-30% movement speed increase ~Invisibility is entered for 3 seconds if Q is used in front of the enemy. ~ Camouflage is entered for 5 seconds if Q is used from behind an enemy. W- 00 scans enemy radars and reveals nearby enemy champions and wards for a brief duration. E- The next attack or ability used by 00 has it's damage or duration enhanced by 50%, if it is an attack enhanced, he can re-activate this ability to throw a flashbang and stun champions in an Aoe zone dealing damage scaling with movement speed . R- 00 channels for 3 seconds gaining a shield and becomes unstoppable for this duration, he proceeds to cause a blackout for enemy champions, making them unable to see anything past X diameter for 5 seconds. If 00 attacks enemy champions inside this zone he heals nearby allies for 5% of damage dealt to enemy champions. Feel free to suggest tweaks to his abilities!

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