I created a new champion, is it good?

Name: Railon (The Armored Bounty Hunter) Attack: High Defense: High Ability Power: Very Low Primary Role: Marksman Passive: Piercing Strikes- For 8 Seconds, Railon’s auto attacks will crit based on his maximum armor. 1 Armor=1% crit chance. This passive is activated after 10 Auto attacks. [Q] Jaron’s Will- When this ability is used, Railon gains a slight bonus of 1/2/3/4/5 armor per second for 5 seconds.The armor gain is permanent. [16/14/12/10/8 Second Cooldown][90 Mana] [W] Concussive Strikes- Every 3rd auto attack is a headshot. Headshots deal a small amount of True damage, The damage dealt is 30% of his armor x 1.5. [No Cooldown][No Cost] [E] Heal Dash- Railon and allies within 450 range, dash to his cursor location and also heals him and his allies for 25% of their missing health. [12/10/8/6/4 Second Cooldown][No Cost] [R] Bullet Barrage- Railon takes out his Machine Gun. For 3 Seconds he sprays bullets at his enemies in a circle. hit enemies take 30%/60%/90% of his Armor+30%/60%/90% of their Attack Damage as damage. He then Fires an extremely Large Bullet globally that deals 60% of their missing health as damage. [120 Second Cooldown][100 Mana]
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