Slayer Jinx - now with a half mask!

Since I made an alternative version of Slayer Pantheon where he has a hockey mask, I thought it would be fun to add some kind of mask to Jinx too. I added a half mask that does not crash too much with the current design, and which stays faithful to the colours I used for Pantheon's mask. I went with a half mask because I think it fits Jinx style more and makes her look playful in a sinister way. I took your feedback into consideration and made two new alternatives that stay closer to Pantheon's mask. The right side of the masks (left on the picture) are tucked behind her hairdo so they do not ruin the aesthetics. I have cut part of the hair clip off though, because it got in the way of the mask. ---------- Slayer Ward -------- Here is the thread for Slayer Pantheon with a hockey mask, if you have not seen it yet:
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