Garen Rework Concept

Let's start by saying this concept originally had only two things in mind This concept was split into two parts, one embracing wizard garen awakening his ancestral powers and having to come to terms with it, and another just embracing garen as the simple warrior of demacia, not just a hulking juggernaut Passive - Stamina system - Strength @ increased attack speed and movement based on stamina @ issuing attack order auto resets attack timer Spinning to win makes no sense from a battle point of view and doesn't fit except to serve an outdated league, Garen needs to swing like a Demacian, a Demacian with attack speed but obviously you can't have a fighter with 2.5 AS running around thus a stamina system for balance, and auto reset for fluidity @@Secondary ~Damaging a target causes its allies to lose damage equal to a portion of damage dealt before resistance This was more of an add-on for Garen's ''The most effective way to kill an opponent is to slice through the man next to him.'' Basic way to describe it would be a reverse shield, deal damage until you break the cap, then you can start dealing damage Ex. Garen damages a Darius for 100 before mitigation and Swain is in range of Darius, the next time Swain deals damage, it will be less 50 damage before resistances (this is an example, not solid numbers) Q changes @ no ms boost @ silence changed to brief stun @ spin to win on first strike, forward aoe on second similar to twist of fate cinematic @ jax counterstrike + rengar savagery first part from both @ blocks all incoming basic attacks during the spin (~0.3s) Movement speed was placed on passive so it isn't required on the ability. By not giving Garen a silence it allows Garen to have more counterplay as abilities can still be used if he is able to reach a target and by making it possible to dodge. W changes - Courage @ resistance stacking passive removed @ spell block that reduces damage and steals the ability blocked, can intercept targeted abilities if within range @ must block an ability multiple times at first to use it, then once unlocked, one cast per block (not consecutive, individual stacks for all hits blocked @ tracking system for spells similar to Kindred hunts Basically to stick to the awakened Garen lore that instead of having his own abilities, he is able to absorb others' spells. The spell intercept is mainly for lore rather than balance, Demacia isn't everyone for themselves like Noxus plus it makes more sense as a courageous move. @ spells gain stacks when Garen is also near the caster, but does not block the ability If we're taking the overloaded route, then this line would be added to wizard Garen, imagine standing near allied or enemy Soraka casting ultimate, gg no re For wizard garen haters @@ resistance stacking passive removed @@ reduces magic damage and staggers remaining amount @@ passive tenacity @@ works on an overload system > when damage staggered is capped, damage no longer reduced for a duration @@ active that self slow to block an area around Garen (poppy w but with garen and blocks movement through small area around Garen) The man has magic resistant armor, it would make sense if he reduces the brunt of the hit and staggers the remaining damage like death's dance. The overload system is unnecessary complication. And of course the active is to show that Demacia supports its people and that Garen will buy you all the time Garen can buy...more than hodor at least E changes @ cut down target unit throwing allies into a frenzy (raises stats or something) @ voting system by allies to choose heretic among allies The ability is called Judgment so somebody gonna get a judging, but mostly based on that short lore crying for blood of that one guy even though Garen was technically the executioner too. Allies get to vote since Garen follows the will of the people, let the chaos begin. @@ alternatively a purging strike that debuffs and breaks shields The boring route of Demacian steel R changes - Unity @ no longer an execute, longer delay and aoe instead of targeted @ some form of cc to be attached Makes more sense for a giant sword to fall outta the sky or a sword of light when Garen is a wizard, but changers are mostly counterplay based @@ rallies allies giving them a portion of garen's stats increasing for every fallen ally and giving garen a portion of combined ally stats (does not stack with itself) Since Garen supports and rallies together in times of need, a supportive ultimate would make more sense, he'll be a commander type fighter. Mostly the ability change is just to make more sense than some anti-magic guy summoning giant swords from the sky.
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