[CLIENT] New Client Update with new font and other few tweaks

Hi, I want to share with you this alpha client 8-4 concept hope you like it^^ It’s an idea of a quick client improvements and new tweaks. https://i.imgur.com/OlU3M9a.jpg 1.NEW CLIENT UPDATA Now display the background of the current patch and Percentage %. https://i.imgur.com/kicEpOd.jpg 2.NEW AUTO LOGIN After checking auto login option, you can login without password. Added disable auto login option in settings. https://i.imgur.com/6JrTShJ.jpg 3.NEW OVERVIEW SCREEN New clean look : Added champion rotation to overview page. New Patch notes button. One simple video about the lastest champion spotlight. Other buttons moved to News page. (wip) You get notified when a new skin is avalable. (wip) https://i.imgur.com/kOJD1FG.jpg Quick look for the new social tab. https://i.imgur.com/enSFG3L.png 4.NOTIFICATION SCREEN UPDATED https://i.imgur.com/6Y3aziy.jpg 5.NEW CHAT BOX New look for chat. https://i.imgur.com/fKt4BhK.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Hx3BBwB.png 6.AQUIRED DATE FOR ICONS https://i.imgur.com/4Cl6F1i.jpg https://i.imgur.com/n5l1rcq.png 7.CLEAN DESIGN FOR MISSIONS https://i.imgur.com/0d1trVe.jpg https://i.imgur.com/nAiLMaz.png 8.PATCH NOTES SCREEN UPDATED https://i.imgur.com/V1K3vDG.jpg New display for champions update. https://i.imgur.com/3Fa7S12.png 9.NOW YOU CAN LINK YOUR TWITCH ACCOUNT (Great effect on the game higher views, more popular) https://i.imgur.com/r86C5Dq.png Safe client for streamers, you can hide/show friend list at any time. Your friends can watch your stream now! https://i.imgur.com/DHAYltE.jpg Your name color change and a twitch icon apears once your stream begin. https://i.imgur.com/mYHQZjR.png 10.QUICK LOOK FOR SETTINGS You can disable transparency now. https://i.imgur.com/uR9EtH9.jpg https://i.imgur.com/IbnW8cA.png 11.QUICK VISUAL CHANGES FOR PROFILE OVERVIEW PAGE https://i.imgur.com/SSBcMQg.jpg 12.NEW MACTH HISTORY SCREEN Triple Quadra Penta kills! Now displayed. Now you can see your kda and win rate. https://i.imgur.com/keAweP4.jpg https://i.imgur.com/SsfeNdH.png 13.SIMPLE LOOK FOR HEXTECH CRAFTING https://i.imgur.com/fTQCWlR.jpg 14.SHOP UPDATED Combining new shop with the old legacy client. https://i.imgur.com/nAWCWEF.jpg 15.MAPS INSTEAD OF ICONS https://i.imgur.com/wpPpb1m.jpg 16.QUEUE SCREEN VISUAL UPDATE https://i.imgur.com/Cuy16QC.jpg High ping! https://i.imgur.com/34r5EEG.png This is it. It's not finished yet but i'll try to bring more designs in the future^^ USED FONTS, ICONS Whitney font 96% Transparency https://i.imgur.com/jrxkC54.jpg
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