Concept for Mordekaiser (WIP)

Passive: Unholy Host Mord gains souls equal to a percentage of magic damage dealt while inflicting the same debuff on the targets damaged. If souls taken from a target exceed a percentage of their max HP, they will serve Mord after death for a duration based on a number of souls. Souls additionally act as a shield sacrificing themselves to mitigate damage done to Mord. Q: Nightfall Passive: Morde's basic attacks deal physical damage in an area around the target and all units damage are grounded for a brief duration. Morde's basic attacks also cannot be cancelled. Active: For the next swing, infuse magic into Nightfall, dealing additional magic damage in a slightly larger area about the impact zone. Ex - Think Kalista basic attacks but AoE and melee W: Black Mist Passive: Souls stolen surround Morde occasionally striking at nearby targets Morde has damaged recently while passively dealing damage to units around Morde Active: Spreads dominion of souls increasing radius in which they can strike at the cost of the passive AoE for a duration Ex - Think Swain Ult and Karthus E E: Creeping Death Active: Unleashes a wave of appendages snaring targets. A brief duration after cast, Morde will attempt to draw in souls in a large radius dealing percentage damage over time. Ex - A cone root followed by channeled aoe R: Iron Maiden Morde temporarily break his mortal hold on his armor dealing damage to himself and becoming untargetable for a brief duration before reforming at target location. If an enemy unit is at target location, Morde encases them inside his armor. Target takes damage over time, is nearsighted, and takes a portion of the damage Morde receives while trapped instead and Morde gains a portion of the unit's stats as time increases. ___- Irelia Concept Rework *Shen *Momiji *Cloud FFAC *Fights with weapon unassembled *Can issue orders for unattached pieces while in locked animations or crowd controlled *All pieces can be attacked *Default > dual wielding with 2 guardian blade pieces floating *Send Blades to strike similar to current ult *Ultimate similar to omnislash and also reforms blade (omni only possible with full weapon) *Vector casting for blade movement *reduced damage without blades Passive - Hiten Style ~~Irelia fights using the art of Hiten enabling her to control her weapon to strike at foes outside her reach and allowing her to cast abilities while crowd controlled. She may command her weapon to attack units up to 700 units away as long as her weapon is within 300 units from her when the order is issued. Blade will always move at double her movement speed and swings in a very small arc after a brief delay.~~ Irelia's weapon follows the cursor moving 100 units faster than Irelia and will attack units Irelia is ordered to attack. There is a brief delay before it swings in a small arc. The blade is locked into attacking once the order is issued but must be within 300 units from the target when the order is issued Q - Bladesurge Irelia and her blade dash to target point. Irelia hits the closest target at the end of her dash while her blade hits all targets along the way. If Irelia kills a unit, the cooldown is refreshed. W - Petal Flash Irelia separates her weapon at its current location allowing her to re-cast this ability 4 additional times. Irelia fires a fragment in a line towards the cursor, dealing damage to all enemies along the path. E - Equilibrium Strike Irelia strikes at target enemy dealing damage equal to the damage dealt to her by target within 2.5 seconds. Her blade also strikes the target for flat damage and if target's HP is greater, any status effects on target are applied to Irelia while the opposite occurs if target's HP is lower. Status effects include buffs, debuffs and crowd control. R - Blade Dance ~~Irelia scatters her weapon at target location causing the next few casts of this ability to allow her to dash to any fragment to pick it up. Dashing through a unit while holding any fragments impales them with it and deals additional damage when the fragments return at the end of the ability~~ Irelia's weapon fragments itself and orbits around her, she may recast this ability to dash to each fragment dealing increasing damage for each cast. Fragments disappear when targeted. ___ Peil - the Hextech Magician * Born into mage clan * Possess no magical prowess * Supplement hextech to imitate magic * Support * Spellmimic * Personality > pretends to be a mage Passive - One for All Whenever Peil casts an ability, allies can click on him to gain a copy of that ability in the form of an item replacing their trinket. This effect can only apply once per ability cast. Q - Echo Dial Passive - Peil sees an image of the last ability a champion has cast above their heads. Active - Peil throws a scanner that briefly stuns the first target hit and marks all targets around it. After 0.75 seconds, the last cast ability of target closest to the center replaces this ability until cast or duration expires. Marks disappear if target leaves area before 0.75 seconds. W - Sudden Rift Peil throws a portal in target direction which then returns after reaching maximum range. The portal absorbs any ally along the path and allowing them to leave at any point during the path. The portal absorbs all projectiles in it's path but deals a portion of the damage to the inhabitants. Peil can reactivate this ability to blow up the portal causing it to deal damage in a large area increased per spell absorbed E - Lightning Pulse Passive - Wards gain additional duration and ignore the cap, wards placed by this ability can only be seen by control wards and are not disabled by them Peil places an invisible ward at target location revealing the area around it for duration based on champion level. If Peil casts this ability directly on top of a ward, lightning strikes it briefly revealing all wards around it to both teams, this effect chains to every ward in a radius. Briefly after a ward is revealed, it discharges energy dealing damage in an area around itself. Wards not placed by this ability deal less damage. R - Castform Peil targets a visible unit and gains their appearance after channeling for a duration proportional to their distance from Peil. If the units dies or sight is lost, this ability goes on a reduced cooldown. The disguise is lost if Peil casts any abilities, is within 500 units of an enemy champion/control ward. The same applies for being disguised as an enemy with the additional condition: is seen within range of an allied champion
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