Ionia in unreal engine 4

Hey, I'm going to keep it simple and quick. I'm going to my 3rd year of college as a game artist this year. I would like to practice the Unreal Engine 4 since we have to yet learned how to use it. lately, I have taken a look around the map of Runeterra. I was really inspired by some of the amazing concept art on there. Since I'm looking to learn the workflow of creating outdoor environments, I decided to recreate a small level, based on one of the concept arts from Ionia. however, I cand decide because they all look very cool. Once the project is done I will make sure to upload a "game" for you guys to take a look around in :) keep in mind that it will not be a full game, only a level/world you can walk around in since I'm focusing on the artwork. I've uploaded the images on Imigur since the links form the pictures are too long form the official website. be sure to upvote because I would like to get started right away :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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