Ao-Shin Aurelion Sol - An Ultimate Skin

I'm sure that most people already heard of Ao-Shin, the champion concept that ended up as our favorite star forging cosmic dragon. I'm also sure most of you saw his amazing design: Now, many were left with a bad taste in their mouths from the ToysRus Aurelion skin released this year and I think we can all agree he deserves more, so how about the next ultimate skin? Let's get down to what I have until now: --- **Passive** - Aurelion's stars are lighting balls, they can look like Kennen's E on his base skin or like Blood Moon Kennen's E (just in white) --- **Q** - Instead of a star Aurelion throws a hurricane with a lightning ball in it's center, looking a bit like this: (of course the hurricane won't be as tall). Stunned enemies will have an electric effect on them. --- **W** - Not much to add here, altough the lightning balls can be like Kennen's base skin E and when W is activated they can look like Blood Moon Kennen's E to show they are going faster and are doing more damage. --- **E** - Aurelion travels as electricity (like the form he is in in the storm in the art added in the Q description) srounded by storm clouds. The marker for the target location can be a little storm cloud. --- **R** - Aurelion shoots out a lightning from his mouth, enemies pushed away by the ult have an animation of a wind gust blowing them away, enemies slowed by the ult stay charged with a bit electricity for the slow's duration (they look less charged than when hit by Q). --- ##**Extra Stuff:** **Unique Ultimate Skin Feature** - Every Ultimate skin has a special feature to go with it (like DJ Sona's music for example), so this one needs one too and what is more fitting for a weather controling dragon than a different weather in the battle field? My idea is that this skin will completely change the map it is played on making it stormy (I'm talking Snowdown levels of map changes, if possible the weather will even turn more stormy based on Aurelion's killing spree) and making Ao-Shin the announcer. There will be a special option to enable Ao-Shin Aurelion Sol's map changes when using the skin which will be turned on by default and one to enable this skin's map changes when the skin is used by another player which will be turned off by default. --- **Joke** - Aurelion breaths out a small cloud, then creates a ball of lightning in his hand and puts it inside the cloud, making it a storm cloud, it begins to rain and Aurelion puts his hand under it and starts to talk: **Mononlogue option 1:** "All storms bend to my wi(ll)..." gets cut off by the cloud striking his hand with a lightning "Ouch!...Grrrrrrr!" Aurelion destroys the cloud with an angry hand motion. **Mononlogue option 2:** "A true piece of ar(t)..." gets cut off by the cloud striking his hand with a lightning "Ouch!...You ungrateful little...!!!" Aurelion destroys the cloud with an angry hand motion. --- That is all I came up with until now, feel free to give me feedback and share your own ideas for the missing parts / improvements on existing parts. Nrsh ooout.

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