Alphari - The Chosen One (Champion Concept)

This is a concept, an idea, please do not expect detailed information expect yes a lot of mistakes that can be improved... **PS: I'm currently looking for someone that wants to create his visual concept! (Just for fun) I know that we have a lot of taleted people around, so, if you interested lemme know!** Plus this isn't done so, if you want to help of send tips and suggestions i would be very happy. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ( BORING, SKIP THIS PART IF YOU WANT) Riot tries to implement in the majority of champions a way of practice some of the needed "skills" to make you good at this game; For example: **Supports:** "Passive" supports like soraka, janna, nami... Strong healers but very squishies, you always need to be aware of your mana and hp and also always keep an eye in your enemy. (Great for training your Awerness, Sustainability and Positioning) Tank supports offer you a lot of survivability but usually have high cooldowns and if you mess up the engage your enemy can take advantage of that. If you play those you will need to be more aware of your coldowns and always keep an eye in your enemy cooldowns to not mess up the perfect engage (Kinda fits into a different type of Awerness that is very important too) **Junglers:** Jungler is one of the most important roles and one of the most difficult ones, in your process of learning how to jungler you will need to learn a lot of stuff to make your position efficient and to take advantage of it. I personaly think that this is a role that every player needs to play or at least understand because understanding this role will help you a lot, no matter what position you prefer to play understanding jungle paths and the different types of junglers playstyle is a huge advantage for you, always. Some junglers have better clear than others and usually those have a more agressive playstyle, those junglers are usually good at earl/mid game. Some are more slow like rammus and sejuani for example but are very good late game to compensate that lack early. No matter what jungler you play playing jungler will make you improve a lot in every aspect of this game. Some junglers help you to improve in some specific ways tho. **Adc:** You have mobility ad and others that don't have that mobility but usually have some type of cc or defensive ability to compensate that lack of mobility. Ashe doen't have mobility but her passive, her "E" and her ultimate compensate that for example. (No matter what adc you play, playing this role you will be improving your possitioning.) (... so one so forth ...) (YOU SKIPPED? STOP HERE!!) My point here is, every role teach you something that is important and some particular champions in that role make you improve in a more specific aspect that is important to improve if you want to be good at that role. I want a new champion like that, that is hard to play and make people scared of being insta killed while playing him but at the same time one that gives the feeling that they have some power and a lot of potential in their hands ( scared so they will care more about important aspects of the game that will help them to play this champion and not only this champion but to improve their playstyle with every champion whitout even notice that, warding and positioning will be my focus here) So that's just my idea. Also i love combos beetween abilities so i always keep that in mind. ╔════╗ ║ LORE: ║ 📕 ╚════ ╝ **Alphari: The Chosen One** Quick History resume: Some people say that Alphari was the pet of Mundo, some people say that Mundo was the pet of Alphari... The truth is that Mundo found him when he was very young lost around Zaun, in fact Mundo start loving hurting himself because of that creature that somehow was always finding ways to hurt himself, becoming more powerfull and powerfull after that, so he wanted to be like that too! Later that creature was taken away from him by the Asylum staff when he was only 4 years old and then was sent to a magician man who studies magical creatures in Ionia because they believed that he was a creature with a very rare magical power that needed to be investigated by someone that deals with magic. Later in a conversation with his comrades at the bar the magician told them that the creature loved to eat honey. In fact he told them that the creature was so obsessive with honey that instead of eating the honey that he placed in his plate he would rather prefer run to his apiary and get the honey from the hive itself, without even fear of being bitten by the bees! Was when they impressed asked him: _ Does the creature speak? _ If he speaks? Not only speaks but he sings too! - he said. Was when they realized that Alphari was an ancient creature that was mentioned in the legend tails of their people, a creature choosed to be the host of a very powerfull God that people of that region would pay fortunes to see. After they realize that both of them run to the magician farm where he kept all his magical creatures and Alphari and when they arrived Alphari was outside his cage freeing all the magical creatures from the farm. When he saw the magician he said: _ So you finaly know who i am, don't ya? I ate almost all the honey, no more honey this season since i need to left a few for the bees to eat when winter comes, it's about time to leave! _ Come here you sneaky coon, you need to pay my bills, do you think that the honey was for free? _ Catch me if you can... By the way old man i stole your boots! - he says while vanish into the woods singing: "You can touch this! Ehhh, ehhh. You can touch this! Ehhh, ehhh Can't touch this! " And guess what, he really stole the magician boots! ╔═════════╗ ║INSPIRATIONS: ║💡 ╚═════════ ╝ To create this Champion Concept design i was inspirated by: Shedinja (From Pokemon) witch is a pokemon that only possess 1HP and Murky (From Heroes of The Storm) that is very squishy Heroe but very strong at the same time. ╔═════╗ ║ VISUAL:║🖌🖍✏️ ╚═════ ╝ I imagine this champion as an agile humanoid Raccoon, with boots ( yeah, like puss in boots! ), and the visual that i visualize in my head is mostly based in Sly Cooper, because i love Sly Cooper. He is agile, sneaky, fast, just like i want my champion to be! However his face and fur are more like the raccoon from Face Rig, he has googles in his head like that. ╔════════════╗ ║CHAMPION BASICS: ║📂 ╚════════════ ╝ **Name:** Alphari: The Chosen One **Role:** Jungler (Mage/Assassin) **Type:** (Melee) Energy Champion New!: No ability cost. (Read edit 6 in "Edits/Notes") (?) I want something fast, really fast. Something very squishy that can be killed very fast but if controlled right can move montains, because that's what Gods do, they move montains! Alphari can be a easy target and can be killed really fast but sometimes when you think you got him... is when he gots you! Every movement counts, every step can be a step to glory or a step to failure. That's what League of Legends is, a game known for his awesome fast playstyle, where reaction time and fast thinking can suprise even the most powerful enemy, since i play League other MOBAS feel so slowmotion... That's a fact. But it's never too fast for us, is it? ;) ╔═════════════╗ ║UNIQUE MECHANICS: ║🎮 ╚═════════════ ╝ Alphari can only have 600 (?) HP and can't get anymore from items or other champion abilities, items that provide HP can be purchased at the shop but don't give him any HP stats. Also shields, heals and abilities that give HP doens't work on him if he's full HP The more powerful your opponent is the more powerful you can be! **Some Stats:** HP at level 1: 100 Growth coefficient: +100 per lvl till he reach lvl 6 **Edit:** Or maybe 500/X HP lvl 1 without growth coefficient to help him clear camps with his "E". Not sure about it yet, i don't want something unplayable but i don't want something too broken at the same time since his passive is really strong. ╔══════╗ ║ABILITIES ║⚡️ ╚══════ ╝ **🅿: Bounce/Divine Protection** **Bounce:** The first ability or basic attack that hits alphari deals no damage and bounces to his target dealing half of the damage if it hits (15 sec cooldown) **Divine Protection:** Jungle camps or lane Minions basic attacks don't damage Alphari. Every ability used by Alphari give him a Unvulnerability Shield that will protect him from the next enemy basic attack or ability (5 seconds duration if not hit by any ability) **Edit:** Bounce I'm not sure about "bouncing" yet since it would need a lot of work to make it happen and i'm not sure how it would work around damage over time abilities and abilities like Vel'koz ultimate for example, maybe just the first tick will bounce to his source. Divine Protection In damage over time the damage of the first tick will be collected and the rest will take effect in his HP unless he "procs" his passive using one ability, if he does then the next tick will be collected and so one so forth. Same with abilities like Vel'Koz ultimate, first tick of damage will be collected. PS: Ignite will be a problem for sure... **🆀: Can't Touch This** Alphari Roll on the ground and his next basic attack deals (X/X/X/X/X damage +X%AP (+X%HP from E "Consumption" passive)) plus he gains X/X/X/X/X% movement speed for X/X/X/X/X seconds (3 charges) (Movement Speed stacks if he uses "Can't Toutch this" again) (10 second cooldown) (3.3 cooldown each charge) **🆆: Slow down!** Alphari kicks his target doing X/X/X/X/X +X%AP damage and slows his movement speed by X/X/X/X/X% for X/X/X/X/X seconds. If Alphari used "Can't Touch This" in the last 5 seconds Slow Down! stuns the target instead for X/X/X/X/X seconds but only deals damage to jungle camps, minions and monsters. (7 seconds cooldown) **🅴: Consumption** Passive: Alphari basic attacks deals an adicional damage = X% of his HP Active: Alphari bites the target dealing X/X/X/X/X +X%HP (X seconds cooldown) **Note:** Not sure about biting tho, i want him to be "wild" but not that wild, afterall, he is a god... Maybe give him a weapon?? :thinking: **🆁: Adrenaline Injection** Passive: Everytime that Alphari's passive is triggered by a champion ability or basic attack he colects the damage. (Stacks X/X/X Times (??)) Active: Alphari cosumes all the stacks and transforms the damage in HP. (X/X/X seconds duration) (X/X/X seconds cooldown) ≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡ I'm sorry about my English, i know that it is rusty, very very rusty. I'm learning English atm and i'm improving a lot so perdon me. If you don't understand something PLEASE let me know. This was my idea, i wrote that in 2 hours while i was thinking about the abilities and combos, this was not an idea that i had in my head for a long time it was something from the moment so... need some improvements, but yeah! Hope you guys like my idea, if you use it someone please just let me know i would be very happy. Have a good day and happy 2018! ✍**Edits/Notes**✍ _**Edit 1:** R: Adrenaline Injection: Assuming that the majority of the incoming damage that will trigger his passive will be basic attacks maybe would be better if he collects all the damage and once you activate Adrenaline Injection the X stacks of abilities/basic attacks collected that dealt more damage would become HP, or, maybe no stacks at all (???)_ _**Edit 2:** I though about his Ultimate ability be a only 1 usage ability too, something that whould be unique and interesting, a scenario where he starts really weak and fragile collecting all the damage throughout the game from champions and latter becomes a real big monster. But he would need to lose his passive upon transformation, way too strong.... plus, we already have chogath that somehow fits that role in a different way so... nope._ _**Edit 3:** Late game he can be 1 shoted easly so he needs to always have some kind of protection like Bounce to avoid some suprises that may occur, still even with that protection champions like Kha'zix, Shaco or Evelynn can easly sneak in and trigger his Bounce and 1 shot him with 1 ability so i'm thinking about maybe add something that gives him time to react to that. Or, maybe not. Maybe it will be his weakness and whoever plays him will need to work around that... Fast reaction time/fingers and a good control ward can always prevent that to happen ;)_ _**Edit 4:** I'm thinking about the damage collected from his "Divine Protection", should it be affected by his armor and magic resist? If yes, if he gets tankier he has more defences when he uses his ultimate but he will receive less HP since the abilities will deal less damage... Don't know yet._ _**Edit 5:** Syndra Ultimate is one of my biggest concerns at the moment, he can proc 4 shields really fast (Q+Q+Q+W) but is it enough late game? Can it be done FAST enough? Should Syndra ultimate count as only 1 ability (since it his) and all the other balls damage denied? :thinking: edit: nah... zhonyas will do!_ _**Edit 6:** Mana, Energy, nothing at all like Kled? In some situations he will need to use his abilities a lot in a very short period of time to be able to survive so i think energy would be something bad... Mana adds some problems too. So yeah, i think he needs to be like Kled/Yasuo/Riven (...)._ Ty for your time. 👋👋 VOTES: **If you don't like this concept please leave your reason in the comments, i would be very happy to read your opinion and it may help me to improve my future concepts. But please judge it as a concept, as an idea, too strong or too weak isn't a problem at all because everything can change as you may know.**
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