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#I have time to waste Hey there! I found myself bored and decided to make a size comparison with the 140 champions League currently has. Every single champion has either been scaled according to their lore, splashart or some kind of lore-related animation they had. Some champions were tricky (I found no information on Maokai so I scaled his leaves with the size of Ivern's leaves, ... ) but I think I did well enough. Here are the results! #Why are there 4 different images? I didn't want it to be too cramped, so I decided id make 4 individual size comparisons. I used Aurelion's eye as a background because I had no background. In alphabetical order, first image has Aatrox-Gragas, second has Graves-Maokai, third has Master Yi-Swain, fourth has Syndra-Zyra. Every Image has 35 champions, excluding the background Aurelion as an extra for images 2-3-4. #Fun facts * Annie, Zoe and Taliyah have big heads. * Anivia, Ornn and Volibear are big because they are demi-gods. * Amumu has no friends. * Rek'sai is bigger than Cho'gath. * Cho'Gath, Kha'zix and Zac don't have an exact size. #End note If you have any questions or feel like I messed up some champions, be sure to ask/tell me. I'm thinking about making a size comparison for every champion from a certain region in Runeterra, tell me if you have any suggestions! Glhf on the battlefield :) ##Edit:
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