How hard is it to do a simple color swap on abilities?

I mean, this is a serious question. **Not at all trying to be offensive** because I honestly have no knowledge of creating skins or anything of the sort, but with these new skins coming out for Ezreal, Mordekaiser, Shaco and Syndra, you would think that there would be a little more drastic changes. Simply put, I'm not asking for a giant change like a legendary skin or anything like that, but how difficult is to just at least change the colors of the abilities. Syndra's spheres could be like pink or something, or even Shaco's clone something other than green. I know that this is still in PBE, so changes may not be final, but on a similar note I started getting upset about this when the Valentine's Day Annie skin came out. Tibbers and Annie both had nice new skins, but their abilities were exactly the same. If they had been at least a pink or yellow or something, I would have instantly bought. I just think that the skins and splash art for these skins look amazing, but I don't find it worth spending money when things will be exactly the same. You came out with Chromas, is there anyway to implement that into particle effects or something? **tl;dr -- I don't know how hard it is to make skins, but is it possible to do a little color change on the abilities of these new skins?** {{champion:81}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:134}}
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