Champion that needs a legit skin (Karthus)

Karthus. All of his skins are meh, they provide an amazing character model and concepts, but don't have the particles to back it up! Karthus needs a staple skin other than black robes w/cool splash art (Reaper). A "go to" skin that changes his abilities, a fresh new model and tinted ability colors. Some ideas could be...... _ Headless Karthus - Abilities tinted orange/dark red. _ _Frosted Karthus (Frost fire Karthus?) - A twist on current skin meta, but has potential, frosted spiky and dull blues with the model having shards and frost. Blood Moon Karthus - Follow up on the other color schemes of the other blood moon skins. (imagine kathus with a mask)_ These are just a few on-the-fly ideas, to get the creativity flowin. What are your thoughts? Do you agree? *EDIT* omg imagine "snow storm" karthus, hes positioned like hes about to attack with his basic auto attack, hes wearing tattered cloths and a grey/white robe, he has a torn-up rag around his mouth with a blizzard going on around him.
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