Thoughts on making Ivern a more viable champion

Ivern used to be one of my favorite junglers, and he used to be so fun (in my opinion at least) to play. However i stopped playing him because of how as time went on, you felt that if your team wasn't already carrying you, you coudn't do anything to help them. Personally, as i love the champion i do wish he could be picked more (or at least the people don't dodge every time i pick him as jungle) So in that spirit, i would like to present my personal idea on how to make Ivern better. (If you're a Rito employee and you read this, I'm stating here and now, that you can take my idea and improve on it if you so wish.) Passive. Stays the same but should get QoL changes in the form of: - Less cost to personal health and mana, allowing him to at least full clear his jg with a single health bar (especially since he doesn't really have access to the survivability of the 2 jg items) Or - He gets a rush of MS when moving towards a marked camp, allowing him to secure his camps faster, or lower the impact of having to back constantly. Q. Stays the same. (It's not a bad engage ability when you have a good team comp to work with you.) W. Still makes bushes, however, enemies in those bushes get slowed or take small dmg as long as they are in the bush. (in his release video it showed him using nature against his enemies, so its not a far fetched idea. Personally, i lean towards the dmg on bushes thing) (This would extend to map bushes if he connects them) Balancing it would be, cant spam bushes anymore, but the bushes he creates are longer and a single cast ability. E. Still shields the target and deals dmg to enemies, however, allies it explodes next to heal slightly (Similar to Senna Q, but instead of healing every ally, it would heal only those hit by the explosion. The person you targeted would only get the shield. This would push him more into the support aspect that Rito have on him. R. Stays the same. Daisy feels to me like one of the strongest pets in the game because of her spamable knockup. However, Through all her bugs and spaguetti code, she is definitely a pet that should be in front of the line for working on. in my opinion, to balance her out for all these changes, make Daisy easier to kill, but make Ivern tankier while shes alive.

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