Champion Concept: Ma'Jah, Mother of many (unconventional Icathian support)

Here's a concept I've been fiddling around, sadly without any graphics so I know there's not much chance for this to gain attention but I'll take what I can get. This idea arose as a result of me thinking about expanding the support role more, with the inclusion of a void born support, as well as trying to bring her a more unique feel, and a new niche. You will notice that the W is a more varied way of implementing the old Karma tether that had you clothesline people, and her E being a GP barrel with directional explosions that can be popped by allies. I was hoping her passive and E would allow a Melee champion to play along her, using her spore pods to farm from a distance, her Q for disengage, her passive for bailing out her partner out of hard cc and her R to provide a way for melee and more immobile champions to catch up to targets. I hope however that the rest of her kit would be fun to play against even as a conventional adc, and with her more unique tools being appreciated regardless. **Passive: Mother's embrace** - Passively when in 200> range of friendly champions, clicking on a friendly makes Ma'jah grab them and put them behind her, this ability can be activated to reposition stunned and snared allies, grab allies through small walls and forcefully repositiom allies behind her. _This ability has a short cooldown per champion, which means you cannot grab the same champion twice in succesion, however you can grab two different ones in succesion._ **Q: Overprotective Parent** - At the first cast of this ability Ma'jah roots herself in place as she rolls up into a ball and starts revving up her spin. When this ability is recast, Ma'jah rolls towards the targeted area(_the speed and range of the roll depending on how long she revved up_) Enemy champions that come in contact with Ma'jah while she's in this state are dealt damage, and are knocked away. **W: Mucous Cord** - Attaches a Tether between Ma'jah and a target Ally or Spore Pod(E).( _The tether has three nodules placed in equal measure along the line, when the ally and Ma'jah are closer together they come closer, when they're spread apart the nodules are more spread apart_) The nodules along the tether explode if touched by an enemy or ally, healing or damaing them depending on whether they're an ally or enemy. Additionally, Ma'jah attacking while tethered to an ally lifesteal health that is sent to her tethered ally **E: Spore Pod** - Ma'jah Spawns a spore pod that is launched to a target location. The pod has 2 hitpoints and can be attacked and killed by enemy and ally alike (_minions turrets and jungle monsters ignore the spore pod_) When killed the spore pod explodes in a cone away from the ally who killed him(or disappears if killed by the enemy) applying a slow and dealing damage to enemies in range scaling with the damage of the attack that dealt damage last. If the Pod was killed by a Melee champion the range of the explosion is higher than normal. _Casting W while E is in flight attaches a tether to the pod_ **R: Marking Fodder** - Ma'jah spews out a long range projectile in the target direction. Enemies hit by the projectile are dealt damage and Marked as fodder for several seconds, while marked they are grounded, and leave behind a pool of pheromone fluid while walking. The pheromone fluid pools grant movement speed to allies of Ma'jah that walk through. Stats: ~~Melee support like Visuals - Beetle like monster, with multiple insectoid limbs and a vaguely humanoid head and chest protruding from a monsterlike abdomen. more similar to kog'maw than other void monsters.
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