Rengar Reconcept WIP

Rengar Reconcept _"Prey on the weak and you will survive, prey on the strong and you will live"_ _"takes time with every kill, studying his prey, learning, and preparing himself"_ _"raised by a legendary hunter...ideal pupil, absorbing lessons, and improving them with his uncanny feral instincts"_ _"without formidable adversaries to push his limits, he feared that he would never again feel the Thrill of the Hunt"_ **Passive - Thrill of the Hunt** Rengar only hunts the most challenging of prey tracking their most recent movements. Rengar will study his prey if they are visible and within 1500u increasing his damage dealt and reducing damage taken against the target. Rengar will be given a choice of targets to hunt if they possess a higher bounty or have killed Rengar recently. [EX: This system is similar to Kindred's but without permanent benefit. As for the tracking, it would similar to Ekko's hologram. The goal of the passive is to make Rengar pick challenging targets, not just the squishiesst target. Would probably add something on-kill to symbolize the Thrill of the Kill probably massive cooldown reduction for a duration. Of course I haven't quite figured how it would help his gameplay objectives, just thought it would be interesting] **Savagery** Rengar leaps to target area striking at the closest target in a 50u radius. Cooldown is reduced to 1.5 seconds if a target is within 250u on-cast. [EX: Knife cats shouldn't need bushes! Remember the cinematic: "A Mew Dawn"? Well I want his Q to be just that, a spammable yet dodgeable leap attack. Why dodgeable? Because spammable and QQ about no counterplay] [EX: Battle Roar isn't staying because it makes no sense to starting roaring and be okay, this isn't oranges we're talking about and hunters wouldn't reveal their location...] **Bolas Strike** Rengar throws a Bola that attaches to the first target hit. Two weights then orbit inwards stunning the target when they hit unless intercepted by another unit in which case only damage is applied. [EX: The description is weird because my perspective of a bola of weird. But here's the basic idea, 3 weights, 1 first impacts target, the other two spin inwards due to momentum. I changed this ability mostly cause I had a concept champ that used bolas like this that didn't go as planned so it's being moved here. Also puts the idea of grouping to mind to avoid hard CC] ____ Shen ability rework draft [Passive - Daze] Shen's first strike from stealth or on a crowd-controlled target deals additional damage [Q - Swift Shadow] Blocks the next attack or ability stealthing if successful. Large recovery delay if unsuccessful in blocking. [W - Murk Flash] Throws a bomb that blinds in a cone after hitting a target [E - Feint] Dashes to target area charming all targets struck ____ Aatrox concept Inspire + bloodlust system (applies to ALL allies individually) Inspire = courage, etc Build up from presence, damage, buffing Results in increased combat stats (movement, attack speed, faster CDs[blood moon style]) Bloodlust = Atrocity, brutality, etc Builds up from kills, Aatrox abilities Results in increased omnivamp or some form of health globe drop from enemies, attacks become neutral under bloodlust effects (can hit and target allies, can hit corpses) Passive - change Q - Same with slight additions Increases inspiration for each enemy champion near target and additional amount for each unit hit W - change (new focus on sword) passive - units that take damage leave a pool of blood behind, aatrox's blade can absorb these pools to increase in size adding more range and a small AoE (lifesteal contributes to less but is less effective on aatrox's own hp), fades over set rate active - extends striking all targets in path, can reactivate before it retracts to sweep dealing damage again E - slight change Starts behind aatrox and builds speed (would add a recast when Q'íng into it but maybe not) R - Change

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