LoL lore tournament: Shadow Isles vs Void - Semi-Finals Game 2

_(Poll is down below)_ #After Mount Targon secured their place in the finals, the Shadow Isles try and take on the Void for a place in the finals. In every match, champions are given an individual tier based on how powerful they are lore-wise (in-combat). These tiers are not official and should only serve as a way to see who would probably be the most powerful champions, so do not take them too seriously. #TEAM SHADOW ISLES: Once known as the Blessed Isles, the land that is now recognized as the Shadow Isles is home to undead sorcerers, hordes of ghouls, mighty fallen warriors and powerful beasts. #TEAM VOID: It consumes, it grows and it adapts. The Void is a manifestation of what lie within; it's an ever-growing place where are found some of Runeterra's most dangerous monsters and alien-like creatures. For the sake of this tournament, every Void champion (whether they fight the Void or are one of it's monsters) have allied. #Notes: * ** Champions and armies** are taken into account in the battle. * The terrain where the battle takes place is **neutral**. * Tiers are not 100% accurate. * Votes are compiled and closed at 7:00 pm Eastern time and the next battle is posted at 8:00 pm Eastern time (1 battle/ day). * Please vote for the region you think would win rather than for the region you prefer! * My Twitter if you miss any battles: * Here are the regions in the tournament and the bracket as of now:
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