The Time For an Ultimate Skin is Upon Us

So, 2018 is almost upon us, and that means that it will most likely be the year we get our next ultimate skin, as there is usually 1-2 years in between them and the last one was November 2016. I thought it might be fun if a bunch of us people on the boards started theory crafting some ultimate (or legendary if you just want to get the idea out there) skin ideas just to pass the time until it's announced. I've got an idea I spent a bit of time theory crafting and I hope you all like it :) Thunder God Kalista She is still blue but more of an electric, crackling blue, her hair is entirely made up of storm clouds, her spears are lightning bolts and she's in a greek toga. Her passive causes the ally she is bonded with to have electric particles on their own attacks as well as just passively around them, as well as thunder sounds every now and then. Additionally, instead of jumping back and forth in her hops, she shifts in a bolt of electricity and afterimages to the new location Her Q is just a giant lightning bolt Her W is a thundercloud that lights up and makes a whole bunch of thunder noises when enemies trip it Her E again just rips all of the lightning bolts free and sounds like thunder to all parties Her R is similar to normal but has an animation of the ally champion turning into lightning and being sucked into Kalista, and the reverse upon firing Tell me how you like it :) I know alot of the effects are too wildly different and may impact game clarity so it might not be a great idea, but it looks really cool in my head. i'd really like to hear some of your own ideas as well.
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