Character Concept: Death Knight

What is death if not the end. Redundant, but I didn't know how else to start this off. Thing is, this is a knight of death and they are really good at making a single person's life a living hell. There's not much to really say until I show the kit. Death Knight is a melee physical fighter and numbers can always change. Passive- The ground around you is desecrated, causing nearby enemies to be slowed. Ability 1- In a target direction, send out a dark force to grab and pull the first enemy it hits to you If you target an enemy with afflicted by your Plague, you instantly pull them regardless of enemies in the way. Ability 2- Passive- Enemies that sustain heavy physical damage are debuffed with open wound. Active- Target a nearby enemy and impale them, dealing damage and stunning the both of you for 1s. If the target has open wound, this deals less damage but applies a bleed. Ability 3- Place your hand on the ground and summon ghouls that run straight and explode upon enemy contact dealing damage and causing Plague which deals some DoT and puts their basic abilities to go on a 1s cd. Ult- Alive- Become stationary and ascend into the air while ripping your body to pieces. Enemies nearby are grounded. Enemies also take a shared percent of the hp you're losing at the same tick rate. You lose 2% max hp every .1s until you die. The damage you take during this is not released. Dead- Rip apart the life of the surrounding area, gaining 1% of your max hp every .1s plus hp equal to the amount of damage that nearby enemies take from this. Enemies take 1% max hp damage every .25s. Cannot be damaged during this. It ends when you are full hp. Versions share a cd. The Death Knight is not lethal on his own unless you thought having a picnic during his ult was actually a good idea. He can help lock down a single target and can apply some helpful damage. If he feels pressured, he can sacrifice himself for the greater good and can act as a death zone so that his team can get an objective or if the enemy is grouped up and he can actually walk at them, the ult will devastate them. Or he can save his ult for the revive so that his team isn't stuck being down a player or maybe it's a double ace and he could win the game with it. It's a powerful ult and requires some choices to be made as he isn't a carry due to the hp and defenses that he needs to build. Just avoid him like the plague if you want to live or play someone with hp shred. It should be noted that he can be knocked away during the ult. It can't be stopped, but if you can at least do that much. Anyway. If you like it, cool. If you don't, hey. At least it ain't in the game.
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