Spaghetti Monster Vel'koz

Inspired by the One Above All ( May his noodley appendage touch us all. Design: Yeah he would just be a mass of noodles with meatballs for eyes. He would have 3 big noodles for his 3 tentacles. Passive: Could just be a cheese wheel or a set of three meatballs to indicate someone is marked. Q: Would shoot off a meatball that splits into the 2 side balls. W: A line of cheese or pasta sauce... maybe make it bubble before it detonates. E: Throws a colander that explodes. (Or maybe a pot.) R: SPAGHETTI SAUCE BEAM!!!!! Yeah, make it literal beam of spaghetti sauce. Bonus Idea: Pool Party Vel'koz His tentacles are covered in pool noodles, and he has water effects on all his abilities.
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