The Mischievous Adventures part 382

(Next day) {{champion:60}}: "Ugh..." {{champion:117}}: "You ok chief?" {{champion:60}}: "I'm fine, it's just that the last...conversation with the mayor made my a little angry." {{champion:56}}: "Angryer then usual?" {{champion:60}}: "Sadly yes. Anyway how's your investagation going?" {{champion:117}}: "We have leads but we don't know where they are." {{champion:60}}: "Hm well don't worry, I'm sure something will get you too them." {{champion:56}}: "Like what? A member of Veigar's gang is just going show up and tell us everything?" Police officer: "Chief." {{champion:60}}: "Yes?" Police officer: "You have a visitor, he says you know him and he wants to help you." {{champion:60}}: "Really? Who is it?" {{champion:13}}: "Hey everyone, mind if I help?" {{champion:117}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:60}}: "......"
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