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In response to the Ask Riot: Skins and Music post. It says that the Champions team needs to "make enough pretty boys to make up an entire boy band" before the Personalization Team takes it from there. However, could we have a boy band with the pretty boys we already have in the game? Here's a few thoughts: Firstly, looking at the history of boy bands, some classic examples are the Jackson 5 and the Backstreet Boys, while some more recent examples are the Jonas Brothers, One Direction, BTS and EXO. The first four all have between 3 and 5 members, and most western groups fall within this range. BTS and EXO have 7 and 9 members respectively, but there are other Korean groups with as many as 13 (eg. Seventeen) and as few as 6 (eg. ASTRO). We can't predict what kind of approach the Personalization Team would take or how many skins the designers could make for one release, but there are like 11 skins on the PBE right now, so that says something. Next: Who would be in the boy band? I'll run through my top picks here. {{champion:81}} The most obvious choice, but he also has the most skins of any champion in the game right now, I believe. Though the community would probably roll its eyes at Ezreal getting another, if this skin line was to become a reality I can't see him not being in it. {{champion:126}} Another pretty boy. Jayce has 5 skins with the most recent being Battle Academia earlier this year. Would a boy band skin for Worlds next year be due? Absolutely. {{champion:44}} A VERY pretty boy. He would certainly bring some *dazzle to the group, and is definitely overdue for a skin. {{champion:236}} We know he's in the Music Universe because he appeared in one of the True Damage art pieces. What if he's the leader of the boy band and in a not-so-secret relationship with Senna, of another musical group? {{champion:141}} Kayn fits all of the criteria in my mind, but I don't know how the Darkin side of things would be best dealt with. Maybe this one is the legendary skin and he changes into two vastly different outfits with their own songs, or remixes of a song? {{champion:110}} We get 3 boys in one with Varus. I think that's reason enough to include. {{champion:91}} He already has the dance moves down for sure, and hasn't had a skin in over a year. {{champion:245}} I put Ekko further down because he just got the True Damage skin. However, Akali was one who went from K/DA to True Damage- why not Ekko do the same for the boy band? {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:98}} Thought I'd throw them here. Yasuo has the same potential as Ekko of starting another group, but I can't see it the same way for him because he's a producer. Zed and Shen I thought I'd throw on here as having potential, but I don't see them having the same potential as the others above. My thoughts on the League of Legends Boy Band idea! I bet you're all wondering why I didn't propose your champion; it's just because these listed were the best contenders in my own opinion. Edit: How did I forget Aphelios? Probably because his icon isn't in the menu yet. He's a pretty boy, but the whole being mute thing could be problematic. Just a dancer, maybe? I'll just throw him in anyways.
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