Forsaken Fiora - Skin Concept _**"They dare not strike back."**_ Hey everyone! I painted a quick Forsaken skin concept for Fiora that I wanted to share! It's been a few years since Fiora's last skin, and given the relative lack of variety in terms of her visuals and particles on her current skins, I think she'd be a perfect fit for the Forsaken/Chosen skin line! Fiora's base skills inherently have little particle effects outside of the shining effect on Riposte and Blade Waltz, so to remedy that and add a little more to her abilities, I think this would make for a great 1350 tier skin! It'd be her first skin with a recall animation, and In my head it features new particles, new SFX on her AA and abilities, a corrupted filter on her VO, and maybe a new haste or AA animation when she activates burst of speed. I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think! Edit: here's a quick example of what her VO might sound like. I'm not great with Audacity and don't know many effects, so it's a little underwhelming, but I figured I'd throw something together!
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