Sheen for ADC

Sheen prof is amazing in my opinion. I can’t think of a game where I won’t run Tri-Force on Vi or Jax it’s just in heard of. Or running Fizz or Akali with out Lich Bane. Even the chase builds with brawlers like Wu and Yorick I run Frost Borne Gauntlet. This leave two roles left over Adc and Support. Why if for support they made a Sheen price that would heal who ever you linked to. After you cast a spell that applies to an ally it will heal too. The ida for the ADC would have an AOE blast on the next auto attack dealing the full damage in the blast. Or at least a good amount of damage to make it worth it. I would love to see each role have a Sheen proc ability. Follow me on Twitch and here us discuss this and other ideas for the game during gameplay. Protojey

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