Kal'Rav, The Mother of the Void

I'm back again her Kal'Rav. Now instead of making her a crock pot of all the different void creatures, I wanted to make Kal'Rav her own person with fresh abilities and a new way to experience the game. Her main goal is to stack up to heal, or to deal damage to people. One or the other, and her stacks are special so it will also stack up into item stacks as well. (think Stattik Shiv, Deadman's Plate, and so on and so forth). Her abilities, except her ult do not use any multiplies on her ability power or attack damage so finding all the stacking items can be easy but expensive. So Ancient Coin or Frost Queen's Claim is the better of the two items to quickly get items to just heal your team when they're about to die. However, she is a severe glass mommy void creature. She'll have super low armor and mr, but a lot of natural health and health regen as well so then your using W more for your team members rather yourself as W will have a relively longer cool down of 12 seconds to finish off around 7 at 5. Passive: _**Nurturing Kindness**_ Kal’Rav starts with 20 Void Stacks. Every minute she gains 5 more void stacks per minute passed in game. Once Motherly Instinct is used, she goes back to 20 stacks. Along with gaining void stacks, her stacks will also add into item stacks as well. (Stacks go up by level, 5: 1-6; 10: 7-11; 15: 12-16; 20: 17-18) Q: _**Loving Void**_ Kal'rav throws a ball of Void darkness in a target direction stunning the first enemy hit and gaining 3 stack, if enemy is hit again by void darkness in 7 seconds, Kal'rav gains an extra 5 stacks. W: _**Motherly Instinct**_ Kal’Rav heals herself and allies around her in target location per percentage of her Void Stacks and other item stacks.. (Stacks x 3.5 = HP) [3.5, 3.75, 4, 4.5, 5] E: _**Own Needs**_ Kal'Rav focuses for 3 seconds, if not interrupted she temporally gains movement speed and 100 Void stacks for 5 seconds. R: _**Maternal Bond**_ Kal’Rav focuses a targeted location and knocks up foes, dealing damage equivalent to all her current stacks as true damage, and 300 + (0.02% AP) + (0.02% AD.) [AP and AD are really low so then your build path can include the heavy ad and tank items but her ult will still deal some damage, but not because of your item path, it is only because of your stacks] Voice Lines: Void: Cho'Gath: "Son, how big you have come!" "Are you eating enough?" Vel'Koz: "Knowledge is power my son" "What have you learned of these humans?" Kog'Maw: "Kog, don't eat that..." "Wait until your father hears about this..." Kha'Zix: "War, is all you ever think about." "Bring me that cat you speak of" Rek'Sai: "My precious daughter, what have they done to you..." Kassadin: "You will die before we come along Kassadin." "Your daughter is part of the Void now" Malzahar: "Prophet, what news have you brought?" "The Void is beautiful isn't?" Kai'sa: "I nurtured you when you had nothing!" "Traitor! You dare leave the Void?!" Taunts: "I have motherly instincts" "Wait until my husband hears about you!" Jokes: "I'm a milk? What?" "Being a mom is hard wo- stop hitting your brother!"
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