The Mischievous Adventures part 359

(Later) {{champion:236}}: "So when's Ekko coming back?" {{champion:76}}: "Around Eight, or he better be." {{champion:236}}: "Yeah that's great...also do you want to tell him when he gets here?" {{champion:76}}: "...Let's wait awhile." {{champion:236}}: "Alright, I still don't like it though." {{champion:76}}: "Me either, but I guess we should-...." {{champion:236}}: "What?" {{champion:79}}: "So how much money will you give me?" {{champion:13}}: "We'll give you enough, though I hope we have enough money. Anyway in exchange you have to help us with a 'special' project." {{champion:79}}: "What's it about?" {{champion:13}}: "No clue but since it's my replacement's idea, it's defiantly something far fetch. We'll tell you." {{champion:79}}: "Fine by me." *Walks away* {{champion:76}}: "....L-Lucian, I need to call someone."
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