Vesela, Shattered Shade Of Noxus

Vesela is the mother of Leblanc, guiding her daughter through a series of shadow halls in Noxus. She bears a slim figure and a dark long robe with green lightning sparking in one hand and a big green eyed staff in the other. She’s always stroking her staff and tortures anyone that's not of her blood. Passive- Twisted Sage- Vesela’s auto attacks are a green lightning tether that sticks onto opponents, slowing and damaging them every second ( this does aoe damage around the main target). She CAN move while doing this and stays facing her target. Auto attacking the target again cancels the tether. She CAN use her other abilities while doing this and is slowed. Q- Feed The Ashes- Vesela channels for a few seconds, unleashing a wave of sharp dark roots in a cone in front of her damaging every enemy hit. The longer the channel, the greater the width and range of the cone. The roots stay for a few seconds, leaving behind an area of effect that slows champions.( Can’t slow the same enemy twice) They are also made from the ashes of dead minions and other things ;D ;D ( This is just for aesthetic purposes) W- Taste Of Power- Vesela gains 30% bonus movespeed, a small shield, and a second auto attack that does X% of your ap on every hit for x amount of seconds. Killing enemies resets the timer( The shield can’t stack). She floats around while doing this, bears a green bubble encompassing her body and shoot projectiles as her second auto attack. NOTE: This is independent from her passive, so she can tether to an enemy while also utilizing the new auto attacks from W on a different target or same one. Attacking the same target with W won’t cancel her passive, instead, she can cancel it by pressing W again. E- Snuff The Weak/ Thorns Of Hate- Vesela’s next tether does a burst of damage on contact and executes. She can also cast this while Feed The Ashes is active, instantly growing green glowing thorns that do considerable damage and heals Vesela for x amount. R- Final Sate- Vesela channels for a bit, unable to move, she shoots green lightning from both her hands in a LARGE cone in front of her, knocking enemy champions back and damaging them every second for a x amount of time. Knocking champions into walls stuns them.

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