Claire, Justice Incarnate ( Repost of what I made 5 years ago xD)

Passive : 5 Rulings of the king: basic attack add a stack of Judgement ( 5 stacks max) making her spells have an additional effect based on how many stacks Never Ending: For each stack Claire has on a target she gains attacks speed while attacking the target Q) Justice/Commandment: Claire swings her scythe with full force dealing an additional 50/70/80/110/140 magic damage or killing an enemy with it will grant additional ability power ( 1 each) up to a cap (50) (consumes 2 Rulings of the king stacks) Gain a shield that absorbs 45/80 of the damage depending on how many stacks consumed that last 1.5sec) Commandment: Claire pulls back her scythe creating a wave of holy that slows and damages enemies the further it travels 30/55/80/100/120 W: Revenge: Claire throw's out a chain that will stun the first enemy hit 30/50/60/65/70 ( scales off of her AP) (consumes 2 stack of Judgement and also increasing the duration by .5 seconds if target has a Judgment stack) E: Devastate: Claire Leaps onto target slowing their movement speed by 12/15/17/19 % and enemies around by 10% and dealing 55/70/90/125 magic damage (Applies 1/2/4 stacks of Judgement based on Claire's current level) R: No Chance: Claire call's fourth the power of justice calling down a ray of light that deals 150/200/300 magic damage( does more damage the lower the enemies is, consumes all stacks of Judgement) and last for 2 seconds scales off her AP enemies hit by the ray have reduced armor and magic resist for 4 seconds as well as have a dot that will do 10 % of the damage dealt by the ray over 5 seconds ( Cd: 160/115/80) Each stack consumed causes the target to take additional damage from DOT as true damage Recommended Build : Lich Bane, Death cap, Archangel's staff , zhonyas, Beserkers greaves, Nashor's tooth Quotes: (selected) My justice is far greater than yours They must pay for what they have done For my father The King's orders are absolute They'll pay for what they have done Actions always have consequences Let the truth be heard Kneel before me Joke: My justice senses are tingling Joke 2 : You might as well surrender at 20 Taunt: This match will be over before the 20 minute mark Taunt 2: Maybe 1 day you'll actually defeat me ..... NOT Dance: ( have no ideas please feel free to give me a dance for her if you'd like) Laugh: (Diabolical laugh) Special interactions ideas Jhin: Your justice has been evaded for too long, that ends now. Kayle: Some criminals pretend to be heroes Yasuo Taunt : you are innocent Yasuo Taunt: justice, has not yet been served Daruis Taunt : Everybody will have to meet there maker, it seems I'm yours Daruis *after killing* by the first law of the king, JUSTICE SHALL ESCAPE NONE Lore: Claire was born and raised in a secret country within Runeterra called Zorin, Her father was the king of the country and he had 4 rules that everybody had to live by he called them the "4 rulings of the king" because of them it was a peaceful place. On a regular day Claire's father the king had summoned her to the throne at the age of 16 he bestowed upon her a scythe crafted by her mother who was just an ordinary blacksmith a the time she created it but before long became the queen of the country but died after giving birth to Claire. The scythe was infused with the spirit of justice allowing it to never dull rust or ever break, over the course of 5 years she worked on her skills and became the greatest fighter in the country. In oder to help the civilians she pleaded to her father who had become sick to become a knight, as her father granted her permission. He only had only one request that she lived with a sense of justice in her heart as he did, astounded to hear her father say "yes" she ran quickly to the knight's quarters and there she was equipped with the little armor she required she was off the help the people when all of a sudden she heard loud screams of terror as she ran the the scene there were beheaded bodies laying on the road. Filled with sorrow she demanded a description of the person who the citizens but all the witnesses were much to scared to talk but then she had remembered that the spirit of justice that slept within her scythe had to power to read the minds of people as she read the minds of the witnesses she finally had a picture of the man who killed them. He wielded a giant axe and wore armor on his body but had no helmet on, after searching for weeks for the man she had decided to give up and go see how her father was doing, as she made it to her fathers room she had arrived just in time to see him beheaded by the same man who killed the citizens. Overflown with hate and sadness she held her fathers body in her arms and yelled for help but the guards were to late the man had already escaped from the castle and into the public. With no other family Claire remember'd the one thing her father asked her to live by justice as that and her scythe were the only things she had from her parents. Begged by the people to stay as the queen she refused, giving the position of temporary king to her most trusted friend and departing to look for her fathers killer. On the course of her journey she had finally found a boat to the the continent of Runeterra to investigate the rumors of the killer living there by the name of Darius. Upon arriving in Runeterra her long awaited quest had began she had went to multiple different countries in order to to receive the information need but she had also obtained the information that he had joined the the fields of justice like many others, so she had decided to join the fields of justice but she didn't meet the requirements so she had to train for 2 within different countries learning new techniques to use and she had finally received a request to join the fields of justice and their she would show all who oppose her the true strength of justice! "Only in death have they pay for their sins" -Claire Lowette
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