The Mischievous Adventures part 375

(Later) {{champion:114}}: "...…." {{champion:4}}: "Hey you ok in there?" {{champion:114}}: ".....Y-Yeah." *Comes out* {{champion:4}}: "You ok?" {{champion:114}}: "....Well I was feeling a little funny today, and I went to take a little test..." {{champion:4}}: "....And?" {{champion:114}}: "....Positive." {{champion:4}}: *Hugs her* "Well that's unexpected, but that's great news." {{champion:114}}: "Haha Plutôt. I'm actually very happy your happy." {{champion:4}}: "Why wouldn't I be? Now want to celebrate?" {{champion:114}}: "Of course." {{champion:4}}: "Alright you two."
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