A Corporate Matter Season 9 Episode 11

#A Corporate Matter **Episode: _Conquering Conquerors With Conqueror_** _**"KNOCK KNOCK!"**_ {{champion:240}} _"Opens door."_ "What do you want?" {{champion:12}} "Hi, I'm conqueror Alistar. I'm here to conquer this office building." {{champion:240}} "Yeah, nice try. I don't want any damn cookies. Go away!" _"Slams the door in his face."_ _**"KNOCK KNOCK!"**_ {{champion:240}} **"I SAID NO!"** _**The heavy door is slammed once again. Breaking its hinges and sending it flying right on top of Korporate Kled.**_ {{champion:240}} "Come on, we just fixed this door!" {{champion:12}} **"I AM HERE TO CONQUER, AND I BROUGHT FRIENDS!"** {{champion:43}} "I'd hardly call us friends." {{champion:110}} "I don't know, I think we can be described as work friends." {{champion:43}} "The word you're looking for is acquaintances." {{champion:240}} "Ugh. **ALL GUARDS REPORT TO THE MAIN LOBBY!**" {{champion:427}} "What do you need boss?" {{champion:19}} "Hmmm, I smell a battle." {{champion:29}} **"HI!"** {{champion:240}} "Where are the rest of you all?" {{champion:19}} "We're it." {{champion:240}} "What, that's not right. Didn't I hire like fifty guards?" {{champion:427}} "You did boss. But remember, you fired them all. Or sent them to the underworks. You don't really tell me much so I'm not sure." {{champion:240}} "Oh yeah, right. But I'm sure I kept that rocky fella around. Where's he?" {{champion:29}} "You mean Guard Gargoyle Galio? He's still around, but I'm not sure he knows that he is supposed to show up when you call the guards, He's none too bright." {{champion:240}} "Fine then, we will make do with this. **GET OFF MY PROPERTY!!!!**" _**They charge the Conquerors and have a battle in the lobby.**_ {{champion:19}} "Why aren't they dying?!" {{champion:29}} "I don't know, I'm giving 'em all I got." {{champion:110}} "You fools, you can't kill a Conqueror!" {{champion:240}} "That's it, they are running Conqueror as their keystone." {{champion:427}} "That's not fair, with a rune like that, we'll never kill them. It's just too much healing." {{champion:240}} "We can't compete with that level of healing. Warwick, quick, go get me the monk!" {{champion:19}} "On it!" _"Breaks into an all-out sprint."_ _**Upstairs:**_ {{champion:40}} "Corporate Lee Sin's office, what do-" {{champion:19}} _"Runs past her."_ {{champion:40}} "Fine, whatever." {{champion:64}} "Warwick, what do- hey, get hands off! **HELP, I'M BEING ABDUCTED! JANNA, DO SOMETHING!**" {{champion:40}} "Not in my job description." _**Back down in the lobby:**_ {{champion:19}} "Got him." {{champion:240}} "Good. Listen, my team can't fight this overpowered conqueror rune. You need to do something." {{champion:64}} "I can't. Me and Riven are finally back together and she relies on it so much that a nerf to it would be a nerf to her. And I can't take the chance at upsetting her right now." {{champion:240}} "Well, if you don't do something our building will be conquered by the Conqueror wielding Conquerors." {{champion:427}} "What a tongue twister." {{champion:64}} "You don't need me to nerf the rune. You just need someone who can abuse it more and out-heal them. Hang on, I have an idea." _"Runs back to his office."_ {{champion:12}} "You finally ready to surrender to our glorious power?" {{champion:240}} "We need to stay alive and hope Lee's plan works. Everyone still got their stopwatches?" {{champion:427}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:29}} "Yep." {{champion:240}} "Now's the time to use 'em!" _**They all become invulnerable.**_ {{champion:43}} "Well, isn't this just a tremendous waste of time? We are just going to kill you as soon as those watches wear off." {{champion:266}} "Not if I have anything to say about it." {{champion:110}} "Aatrox? I thought you hated the corporates as much as anyone." {{champion:266}} "I do hate them for what they did to me. But now I have made a deal. Save them today and I get a part of myself back. Which I can use to kill them later. Prepare to once again face, **A DRAIN TANK!**" {{champion:110}} "Brother no!" {{champion:43}} _"Blasts Aatrox."_ "We have nothing to fear. Look how much damage on hit does to him. **EVERYONE, UNLOAD ON HIM!**" {{champion:12}} **"HE'S ALMOST DEAD, DON'T LET UP!"** {{champion:266}} "Hahahahaha!!!!" {{champion:110}} "It's never good when you burst them down and then they start chuckling." {{champion:266}} **"HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! PREPARE TO FACE THE TRUE POWER OF THIS RUNE!"** _"Lands one Q and gets all his health back."_ {{champion:12}} "Not good." {{champion:43}} "Yeah, I'm out of mana." {{champion:110}} **"RUN AWAY!"** _**They were unable to run away, all attempts to fight were futile. Aatrox healed all the damage as soon as he took it. It was a bloody massacre.**_ {{champion:240}} "Woo, now that was fun to watch. Thanks, friend." {{champion:266}} "Do not thank me, the contract I signed with Lee Sin prevents me from killing you right now. But rest assured, I will return when it runs out. And you will rue that day." _"Flys away."_ {{champion:427}} "Why does everyone seem to hate us so much?" {{champion:240}} "Everyone hates that which they fear. **NOW GET BACK TO WORK!**"

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