Ideas on the Ahri changes

On surrender@20 I read you're making changes to the movementspeed on her q. A few ideas: Make the q movementspeed scaling. That way she's less safe early on, but still retains some of her safety later. Reduce the amount of movementspeed overall. Move the movementspeed to her w. Move the movementspeed to her passive. Her passive is interesting, but I feel like it matches her lore better as her gameplay fantasy. I wouldn't mind having it removed tbh. Maybe give it a stacking mechanism similar to ludens? Only get q movementspeed if you hit something, but let it decay after the q returns to compensate. Her w needs some work, whether that be QOL changes, a complete update or introducing a new mechanic. It's been nerfed several times because it's easy damage, and right now, it just doesn't feel impactful. All I wish is for her to stay the sly fast fox she is, with a fluid kit that doesn't feel awkward to use. That's my main concern. If any rioter happens to read this, thanks for taking the time, I do appreciate it. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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