Dr. Mundo [Concept Rework]

passive: Masochism Regenerates 3% max HP on every fourth damage received. Q Cleaver Throws cleaver so hard breaking his arm in process dealing true damage equal to 10% of his max HP to enemy and to himself. Self damage done by this ability will heal over 5 sec. W Steroid drugs Drinks serum that make his blood and veins burn. Rising armour and magic resist 40-90% +1% per every hit received for 6 sec draining 2.5% max HP every second. E Adrenaline rush passive: Lifeline/ Will trigger this ability automatically (if not on CLD) when your health drops below 5% granting damage immunity for 1.5 sec. Active: Infuses adrenaline into his blood stream restoring 7.5% max HP that can overheal you and 20% MS for 3.5 sec. His next AA will deal bonus true damage equal to 5% max HP. R Accelerated regeneration Mundo injects venom sacrificing 25% max HP than regenerates 10% max HP every 0.5 sec for 7 sec.
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