New group of Items - Cursed Items

what about items that give great stats and powerful effects, but also take away stats as a way to stay balanced? so you open the shop, and in your recommended tab as well as the all items tab, there is a section called "The Black Market" with such items, here are some concepts I came up with **Necromantic Rites** + 80 AP +10% CDR - 400 Mana Active : summon 2 special Minions, 190s CD, active disabled while either of the two minions are alive _Revanant Warrior Minion_ - Melee, attacks deal 60 Magic damage, deals 160 magic damage to the enemy that kills it _Revenant Archer Minion_ - Ranged, grants a 15% MS and 25% AS buff Aura Bulids out of {{item:1026}} + {{item:3108}} + 1100 G --- **Ignas' Golden Spear** + 100 AP - 300 HP Active : silence all enemies in a straight line for 2s, after the silence ends they take magic damage equal to 40% of the damage you dealt to them during the Silence duration, 220s CD builds out of {{item:1058}} + {{item:1026}} + 1100 G --- **Berserker's Mask** + 55 AD + 40 Armor + 15% Life Steal - 20% MS Active : increase your AS by 30%, armor by 10 and Life Steal by 15% for 3s, but silence yourself for the duration, 170s CD Bulids out of {{item:1053}} + {{item:1031}} + {{item:1038}} + 500 G --- **Slayer of the Legions** + 40 AD + 35% AS + 10% CDR - 10 Armor - 15 MR Passive - increase Crit Damage by 25% Bulids out of {{item:1038}} + {{item:3101}} + 1100 G these arent the final numbers, just to give you a rough idea of the item and its Pros and Cons what do you all think?

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