Nexua and Toto, the Rogue Cyclone((champion concept))

Heya my dudes since there's a new faction, I had this idea for a new champion from there. Let's start with their names and looks. Nexua is a boy/younger teen, lanky and athletic. His skin has a deep tan, and his hair is a pale silver; his eyes are amber, and he has dimples and a button nose. He has a long and thin scar on his right pec. There are feather motifs all over his outfit: they're on the collar of his green crop top, down the side seams of his creamy white capris, and some on the end of his electric yellow belt. His sandals are the pad and strips up the calves type. He carries an obsidian tiger claw dagger, and a wooden shortbow with a couple feathers on its ends. Toto is a silvery wind spirit thingy; sometimes it looks like it has wings when moving, or a beak or talon when attacking, but it is usually not too distinct, save for a few wispy feathers. THEIR STORY The king of Ixtal is a man of robust physical appetites, which even his beautiful and eager wife can't always fulfill- and as such, when time allows, he seeks the company of some of his most beautiful subjects. Nexua's mother was a wind weaver and healer who was voluntold for this dubious distinction- even becoming one of the king's secret favorites. But, when she began to show signs of carrying a child, the king put her away, fearing what the child might become and what his court would say of an extended relationship with a peasant. Nexua's mother, however, found out exactly what the king's subjects would say if they knew, for though they met in secret, word spread. Her former friends and coworkers resented her more and more as Nexua grew within her, and she knew she would have to leave the city to birth her baby. She took a journey to the edge of the desert, and, having delivered her child, left him to the mercy of the elements. Nexua was not long in isolation. The very next day, as the barrier storm from the jungle fell on him, the droplets ceased and a young man rescued him. Now dry and warm and comforted by a vaguely familiar sort of magic, Nexua felt at ease and looked up into his savior's face. It was weather-beaten and had a rough short beard devoid of love, but with a certain compassion and determination. The baby Nexua closed his eyes, and nestled in close. For seven years the young man guarded Nexua's upbringing, carrying him along on his travels across Shurima, telling him of the magic the lands held and teaching him the culture of the people they met and camped with. The young man knew from the beginning Nexua had a magic similar to his, and once the boy could speak, he taught him how to listen to the wind and clouds. But where Nexua's guardian was a painter or conductor or healer with his magic, Nexua himself could not feel that within him. He knew that once there was a woman who loved him, and so, Nexua's magic took the form of a guardian: silvery and windy and ephemeral and avian, always hovering close by. Nexua's guardian spoke to him of the deep desert, a harsh place that needed healing that was very unfit for a child: and knowing his guardian had to go a place he couldn't to do things he could not understand, Nexua's magic led him back to the barrier storm, and to Ixtal. The quiet life of the desert was replaced with the riot of the jungle life, with new dangers all of its own. For several weeks he slowly made his way forwards, until he came upon Ixaocan. It was bright and beautiful, and before Nexua knew what was happening advance guards of the city knocked him out and brought him in. When he was brought before the border patrol tribunal, they were baffled by his accent and talent with magic at such a young age. The more time she spent questioning him, the more time Nexua's mother was sure that this was her son, who had somehow found her in her new life. She demanded he be kept in jail under her supervision, and she spent long hours getting to know her lost son. Seeing his wind magic hovering around him like a great eagle and how he spoke of his desert guardian, she became proud of him, and suggested his case would need to be reviewed by the king. The king knew the second he saw Nexua. Though he felt some measure of pride at seeing the boy, the best he could do was to let him earn a chance to live. Nexua of course passed the test, his magic shielding him and carrying him around the arena before blasting his tester out of it. Now permitted to live, his mother took him back in as an understudy, teaching him of magic and her duties in the border patrol, and giving him a name. Though they had a few happy years, as he grew his resemblance to the king became more noticeable, and rumors started flying. Once they reached the king he knew that if he let one of them live, the other would seek revenge, and so he sent killers for Nexua and his mother. They came in the night, but Nexua's magic warned him of the danger, and he and his mother put up a fight. Sadly, though they wounded the assassins, Nexua's mother herself had been grievously wounded trying to protect her boy. She pressed her bow and dagger into his hands and told him to run, and to escape the city's lands. Crying, Nexua left the woman he still did not know was his true mother, and fled home. Knowing how to avoid the border patrols and survive in the wild, he eked out a tough living, scavenging and hunting. Over time, he found others like himself, unwanted children and enemies of the crown. Despite his youth he became a sort of leader for them, wanting to guard them as he had been protected. And as the little tribe grew, Nexua became sure that although they were rejects and outcasts, they belonged in Ixaocan, and would return some day. IN-GAME/PEDIA BIO: The secret offspring of the King of Ixaocan, Nexua lives a life of exile, first as a baby left at the edge of Shurima's sands, and now as the leader of a tribe of outlaws and orphans of the capital city of Ixtal. Calling his magic after the name inscribed on his bow, he wields the element of air to hunt for and watch over his people, hoping to guide them back into their home. NEXUA'S STATS: Health: 510 – 1950 Attack Damage: 57 – 109 Health Regen: 7 – 17.5 Attack Speed: 0.625 (+ 0 – 43.1%) Mana: 265 – 1080 Armor: 21 – 78.5 Mana Regen: 6.75 – 15.3 Magic Resist: 30 – 38.5 Range: 125 Movement Speed: 340 Toto Stats: Health: 340 - 1500(+150% AP) Attack Damage: 30 - 87 (+15% AP) Health Regen: 1.5% AP(out of combat only) Attack Speed: 0.625 (+ 0 – 43.1%) Armor: 31 – 83.5 Magic Resist: 30 – 52.5 Range: 175 Movement Speed: 350 KIT: Passive: Toto and Stormwalker Toto functions as a minion independent of Nexua, though it will always remain nearby. Toto grants Nexua True Vision of enemies it attacks(AAs and abilities) for 2 seconds; if Toto is killed, it has no effect on Nexua's abilities until it returns. If Nexua attacks a champion/large or epic monster within Toto's attack range, the attack gains 400 bonus range. When Nexua attacks a target he has True Vision of from Toto, he deals 10-95(+15% AP) bonus magic damage to it and gains 20% bonus movement speed for 2 seconds. Q: Shakedown Nexua leaps the target distance, stopping at the first enemy hit and dealing 15/35/60/90/125(+60/70/80/90/100% AD) physical damage. If Toto is trained in Shakedown, if Nexua hits an enemy in Toto's attack range, he gains a shield for 1.5 seconds that blocks the next enemy ability and doubles Stormwalker's bonus damage on his next attack. ((Range: 675, Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds, Mana Cost: 65) W: Into the Wild Blue Toto blows nearby units in its attack range in the target direction 550 units, allied champions gaining a decaying shield for 50/60/70/80/90(+40% AP) health for 3 seconds and enemy champions being slowed by 40% decaying over 1.5 seconds. If Toto is trained in this skill targeted allies gain 10/15/20/25/30% decaying movement speed for the duration of the shield and enemies take 20/30/40/50/60(+70% AP) magic damage. ((Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 seconds, Mana Cost: 60/80/95/105/110)) E: Cyclone Toto bursts out in a whirlwind, nearsighting enemy units and blocking enemy projectiles in its attack radius for .75 seconds, dealing 10/30/50/70/90(+90% AP) magic damage to enemies hit. If Toto is trained in Cyclone, Nexua becomes untargetable during the ability if he is inside it. ((Cooldown: 22/20.5/19/17.5/16 seconds, Mana Cost: 80)) R: Barrier Storm Nexua starts with a point in Barrier Storm, and it also lets him train Toto in one of his basic abilities when ranked up. When Barrier Storm hits max rank, Toto also gains training in it. Toto blinks to Nexua, giving them a shield that blocks 30-270(+20/40/60/80% AP) damage for 2/2/3/4 seconds and Blinds nearby enemies while the shield lasts. If Toto is trained in Barrier Storm nearby enemies also take 800(+120% AP) magic damage over the duration of the shield. ((Radius: 375, Cooldown 110 seconds, Mana Cost: 100)) Toto Notes: Toto will generally stay around 500 units from Nexua, and will begin to move back towards him when it's about 1200 away, and respawns(shares Nexua's death timer) 1200 away, though it will always spawn and Teleports with Nexua. Prioritizes: champs and large/epic monsters Nexua attacks in its range>enemies Nexua attacks in its range, enemy champs low on health>enemy champs>minions. Its basic attacks are treated like a champion's. It follows alt clicks. QUOTES: Nexua has an odd and noticeable accent. His voice hasn't dropped all the way yet, but does have growly moments when he gets serious. Champion Select: Look at me: I am the storm, now. Champion Ban: Cloudy, with a chance of wimp. Starting A Game: Toto... I don't think we're in Ixtal anymore. Another day, another storm. Is it a big one? First Encounter: Nexua has specific ones for Shuriman and Ixtali champions as well as for Janna and Kennen, which are more bravado/confidence than rude and confrontational, except in the case of Qiyana. Movement: Nexua occasionally talks with Toto, who doesn't respond verbally but is understood, and is generally curious of his surroundings, but more suspicious on the enemy side of the map. Attacking: Surprisingly calm when attacking monsters and at range from his passive, and is more aggressive in melee and when attacking enemy champions- a common theme is he's doing this to protect his teammates. Post-Kill: Generally disappointed and bored, except in the case of Qiyana. Usually looking ahead towards the next skirmish/teammate that needs help. Taunts: Cheeky, petty, and lots of storm puns in his specific taunts. In the Shop: Nexua is confused by the idea of buying and selling and in general owning things, but is delighted by the more advanced items. Laugh: Incredibly dorky and loud after trying to hold back for a moment. Dance: Simple and not too repetitive, being spontaneous and playful. LOG-IN SCREEN MUSIC: Has strong and lively percussion, though most of the work is done with a flute melody. The motion comes from the harmony, with the chord progression going through lonely, hopeful, and playful moods. There is a section in the middle that is solo flute and wind noises before things pick up again.

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