League of Legends World (CAUTION: A VERY Long Read)(...but worth your while...)

You make your way through the line at the front of the park. Massive petricite gates rise above you. In the central plaza, there's an enormous statue of Galio looking boldly into the horizon. The employees marking your ticket are dressed in Demacian merchant clothing. Some of them even look like Demacian immigration officials. If you're lucky, you'll see the likes of Garen and Lux patroling the city. The streets are lined with gift shops, signs with maps, and a large 'Welcome to Runeterra!' resting over the front entrance. The occasional guard patrol will pass by and question you. They want to know if you've seen any mages, or even show you a poster of Sylas. They've been searching for him for a while now. In fact, you see wanted Sylas posters everywhere. When you look at your map, you find rides like Quinn's Expedition where you follow her through the mountainous terrain to the south of Demacia, looking for intel on the latest Noxian plans. It's a thrilling mix of motion and cinema as she tumbles through an encounter with Kled's brigade but you're happy to find that she narrowly escapes capture. "You step on my land again, and I'll feed you to Skaarl for lunch AND dinner! YOU HEAR ME!?!?" Kled yells as you exit the ride. There's another ride just like it where you follow Jarvan IV as he leads a search party following Sylas' trail. In the midst of battle, Lux joins the fray in an attempt to get the mages to switch from Sylas' camp, to hers. Seeing an opening, Sylas takes Lux hostage, forcing Jarvan to let him go. Suddenly, Garen charges onto the scene with cavalry, wounding Sylas. The mage manages to escape but Lux is unharmed. As you disembark from the thrilling adventure, you wonder what's next for Lux, the conflicted mage caught between protecting those who count on her to survive the wrath of Demacia, and her loyalty to that very country. With that, you decide to move on to the next region, the Freljord. The atmosphere suddenly turns to one of a cold, heartless landscape. At the edge of the park you see mountains act as a barrier between you and backstage. Deep in the Freljord, however, a towering castle stands tall, just as big as the Hogwarts in Universal Studios. Maybe it's even bigger. You recognize it as Lissandra's Citadel. At the entrance, Trundle holds onto a pillar of ice, jutting from the side, occasionally roaring at guests passing by. There's a nice shop here called Braum's Poro Hut that serves poro snacks as well as hot chocolate, coffee, and other great tasting pasties. You aren't hungry at the moment so you decide to keep moving. You spot Tryndamere walking by, carrying his sword and a large fish with jagged teeth and pale eyes. He sees you and scoffs before walking off. The staff here are dressed in clothes that fit the less than frigid climate you might expect from the Freljord itself, but the same rugged, war-like attire with bones, rags, and weapon props gives you the impression that you really are in a new land. Both coasters here are indoors. The first follows Ashe and the Avarosans as they deal with a confrontation against Sejuani and the Winter's Claw. Amidst the wild, exciting ups and downs, featuring boar charges and arrows whizzing over your head, a storm catches both tribes by surprise. It's the Ursine, and with the dark, shrouded blizzard, Volibear. Ashe and Sejuani are faced with dire circumstances and decide to work together to escape the fury of the Freljordian god. They manage to escape and in their brief moment of peace, they bid farewell, quietly promising to avoid letting old feelings arise once more in their next confrontation. Ashe thanks you for your help as you and you make your way through the gift shop at the end of the ride, stock full of figurines of Freljordian characters and stuffed Poros. On display behind the counter is an astonishingly life-like replica of Ashe's bow and Sejuani's flail. As you make your way over to the other ride left in this section of the park, Lissandra's Citadel. The ride itself is something you look forward to, but you can't help but admire the splendor of the decoration put into the wait line. In fact, you find yourself in the Howling Abyss when you board. The bridge is where ride-goers wait to be told where to stand. There are two routes you can take. The route to the right features Lyte as your guide. The route on the left features Gregor. As they give safety instructions, you hear them banter back and forth. You recognize them as the two shopkeepers to Howling Abyss. Lyte encourages you to delve deep into the Citadel, hoping you'll find the secrets that Lissandra hides, while Gregor avidly warns you to stay away, lest you incur the wrath of the Ice Witch herself. Both routes are similar in that they mirror each other. The coaster involves you slowly moving through the Citadel, but it isn't long before Lissandra finds you. Suddenly, the rides takes off and you find yourself soaring through tunnels and labyrinths of ice as the Ice Witch follows behind you. Little did you know, you were running deeper and deeper into the Citadel until finally, you discover the resting place of the Watchers. Lissandra traps you but Lyte and Gregor tell you of a secret passage leading outside of the Citadel. The Watchers make an attempt to break through Lissandra's ice, enraging her even and causing her to try to bury you in ice. You make a desperate dash through the secret passage and just narrowly avoid death. You find yourself at the base of the mountain and happy that you were able to enjoy such a fast-paced coaster from start to finish. Next, comes Noxus. The Immortal Bastion isn't as big as the Citadel, but it does feature a balcony. There, you spot Swain, giving a rousing speech about the glory that awaits Noxus. Here, in the center of the Noxian part of the park, you're surrounded by staff dressed as soldiers and nobles. Beneath the balcony of the Immortal Bastion is a nice, but rather expensive restaurant styled for Noxian nobles. You can reserve a table there for dinner and if you pay extra, you could even dine with Leblanc, Vladimir, or even Darius. If you weren't broke, you might have entertained the thought, but you move on. There are two rides here. Elise' Lair, and Draven's Coliseum. Elise' Lair is a space shot ride, similar to Dr. Doom's Fear Fall, but what strikes you is that you cannot spot the ride's tower over the ominous web-covered cave. As you wait in line, you hear skittering sounds. The sheer dimness of the lighting makes it hard to see anywhere beyond what's in front of you. You put your hand on the wall despite the fact that you can't make out its appearance and you're suddenly, pricked with trickling spider legs crawling up and down your hand. You quickly pull it back out of shock and surprise. You make a note to prank your friend with this when you visit again with them. You walk into a circular room where the seats take four sides of the tower, with an enormous spider looming over each side. you sit down and strap in. When they close the doors, you hear Elise whisper behind you. "What brings such a pretty little creature like you here?" her sultry voice resonates in your ear. "Don't worry, I don't bite. My little darlings might," she laughs as you feel spiders crawling under your seat. You find webs populating the walls around you more and more. As she continues to talk, you see her silhouetted walk along the walls, her red eyes glowing in the darkness. You begin to suspect that the drop is coming. Suddenly, she gives you one final, eerie line before falling silent. She creates a web and ascends gently into the ceiling. Then, out of the darkness, you hear a screech as Elise in her spider form lunges at, opening the floor beneath your feet and causing you to plunge into the ground with nothing but flashing lights. When you hit the bottom, you stop. Spiders descend from above, watching you, as Elise' voice comes back. "I think I like you. Maybe I'll keep you alive for later," she said as you begin to slowly make your way back to the top. When you exit, you make your way over to Draven's Coliseum, a fun, family friendly bumper cart ride that involves groups of people fighting to the death. If your health meter drops to zero, you are knocked out of the game. One the side of the ride, you find Draven sitting in his chair, commentating on the matches before him for the entertainment of those who are watching, making jokes at the fighter's expenses and my lord, if you lose, don't think he won't throw a snarky roast your way. "OH! And fighter 13 is knocked out. Don't cry, mommy's here for you. I'm sure she'll change your diaper for you while you're at it." You chuckled at his snide remark and continue on to the next region, Zaun and Piltover. In the very center of the park, lies the twin cities. On one side of the street, you find formally dressed Piltovan staff with odd gadgets and sometimes even a robot or two. You see Camille standing on the side of one of the buildings that tower above you. Occasionally, she'll fall in a spectacle of static hextech humming as she scans the people walking below. She's far enough to stay out of reach but you can see her eyes change color. You're told that at night, spotlights of matching color will follow people around as they walk by. There's a popular tea and coffee shop here as well where you can buy sandwiches. You decide to stop by and buy yourself some lunch. As you eat, Caitlyn walks into the shop and orders herself a cup of tea. She takes the cup with her past doors that have Sheriff Caitlyn marked on them. You finish eating and hope you can hold onto your food as you make your way over to the only ride on this side of Zaun and Piltover. Jinx's Super Wild Mega Rocket Ride, a sprawling outdoor coaster evoking screams from riders that you could hear from a mile away looms over you. As you enter, you find that the entire Piltovan building has been completely demolished. 'Jinx was here' is graffitied onto the wall as you walk through the series of broken walls, scorched metal, and sparking wires. You hear complaints from a furious Vi as she smashes more walls in a location you can't see. You begin to wonder who did more damage to this place. After you load onto the rocket vehicle at the beginning of the ride, you move into a tube angled upward. Suddenly, Jinx jumps onto the scene. "Like my new ride? I made it just for you, my new partner in crime," she cackles as she flashes a peace sign at you. "There you are!" Vi shouts as she runs onto the scene as well. "You're not getting away if it's the last thing I do!" Jinx laughs. "Sounds like fun game a tag! Let's see if you can keep up," she taunts as she pulls out a switch. "What are you going to do with that," Vi asks, taking a cautious step back. Jinx smirks. "You and my little friends are about to find out. Have Fuuuuuuuuunnn!" She presses the button. "Wait, no-!" is the last thing Vi can say before you blast off through a series of flips, corkscrews, twists, turns, and drops in a fast-paced rollercoaster from start to finish. As you exit the ride you see Vi trying to desperately catch her breath while Jinx leaps away, escaping the clutches of the Piltovan officer once more. As you move over to the other side, you enter Zaun. Here, you find Ekko's Hangout, a casual diner with hotdogs and burgers, and beside it, Mundo's lab, a nice play area for kids who want to stand in tubes while wind blows in their faces, spin around in twirling contraptions, or even place a hand on the giant plasma ball that sits in the center of the room. As you walk back outside, you find a small tunnel complex where kids can join Twitch in crawling through the sewers of Zaun and above them, is Zac, hanging onto a large pipe, occasionally spraying a stream of water at the kids below. You look at your map and discover that the next area to visit is Shurima. The staff here are all dressed in clothes suited for traveling in the desert. There's a street full of stores selling wares and souvenirs as well as stuffed ascended. Shuriman stands sell kebab and snacks while you explore the resurrected city. Towering over you, you see the Sun Disk and a ride called the Legend of Shurima. It's a simple cinematic elevator that retells the story of Azir's revival and finishes at the top of the Sun Disk with a view of the entire park. As you exit the ride, you find Sivir leading a band of mercenaris through the streets. You decide to approach her and she agrees to sign the League hat you brought with you. You see a large Shuriman arc ruined by time and an animatronic of Renekton speaking with curious park-goers. You learn that depending on the time of day, you might meet Renekton, Nasus, Xerath, or even Azir. The crocodile holds out his blade in a menacing way as he takes a photo with a few starry eyed but nervous young boys. Over your head is a massive, twirling wall of rock with Taliyah surfing across the sands. Every now and again, she'll yell out 'Woohoo!' as you pass by. You come across a marked shift in the architecture though and recognize the purple tones of the twisted, petrified dunes as Icathia. Here, you find a ride featuring Kai' Sa as she navigates through the depths of the void, hunting and killing all manners of foul creatures. It's an indoor adventure with bumps and turns but it's much more tame than the Freljordian coasters, despite to jumpscares you got from void creatures leaping out of the dark, only to be blasted away by Kai' Sa saying that you shouldn't have come here and leading you out. "The void is coming for us all," she says as you exit the ride, "but I will never fighting to protect the world from the horrors beneath." As you continue walking, you find yourself in the jungles of Ixtal. The city hovers above the trees in the background but the true fun, is looking for the jungle hunters hiding among the brush. The characters to spot include Kha Zix, Rengar, Nidalee, and hardest of all, Neeko. They actively move around the jungles as you explore the area. Here, you find Rengar's Hunt, a fast paced rollercoaster that, although shorter than Jinx's, is still a magnificent experience that involves whipping and weaving through the trees in a battle between him and his archenemy, Kha Zix. As you exit the ride, you approach the final sub-section of the massive Shuriman part of the park, Targon and with it, the tallest ride here, Pantheon's Skyfall. Here, you ascend as you lay witness to an intense and rugged battle between Pantheon and Aatrox. At the peak, Aatrox looms over you as his war cry booms through the air. Pantheon cries out in agony and you take the plunge straight down the mountain. What a thrill it was! As you exit, you walk through a large room with a dome and above it, the stars of the night sky. Zoe zips in and out around the dome laughing and teasing those walking below. "Zoe needs a nerf!" a fan shouts. "Sorry, I can't hear you over the sounds of your tears as I- is that ice cream? GIMME!" and she zips away, "Don't go anywhere, I'm not done making fun of you," she calls out from afar. As you walk back outside, you find Tristana sitting on a wall next an oddly twisted tree. Your eyes light up with curiosity. You hear from a staff that there are hidden passageways all over the park that will take you straight to the elusive Bandle City. All you had to do was spot a yordle and here one stood. You walk into the oddly twisted tree formation and enter a dark tunnel full of bright glowing colored lights. You step onto a moving walkway and watch as the walls spark with all sorts of mystical magic. Sometimes, you hear the laughter of a yordle as they continue to escape from your sight. When you reach the end, you find that this is the exit for all of the tunnels hidden around the park. Mirrored passageways also lead out of the area, back to the spot you came from. Whimsical music fills the air as quirky buildings populate this section of the park. There are statues of yordles by the side of the streets and all of the staff members are wearing Teemo hats. As you walk around, you're suddenly blasted with a cloud of green and purple colored smoke. You quickly pinch your nose after taking in just one whiff of the absolutely horrid smell that hangs in the smoke. Teemo's laughter teases you as you step aside. A staff member informs you that sometimes, a random park-goer will step on a Teemo shroom, causing the subsequent blast of smoke and the odor that accompanies it. It seems Teemo is satanic outside the game too. There are candy shops, smoothies and milkshake stands, churros and pretzel stands, and a subdued, relaxing restaurant that serves chicken tenders, burgers, and other popular food. As you leave, you check the signs at the exit and find out where each path leads back to. There's the Shurima path that you took, as well as a Demacia, Noxus, Ionia, and Freljord path. You decide to take the path that leads you to a part of the park you have yet to see, Ionia. When you arrive, you find a wonderful array colorful fauna, here, the atmosphere is full of magnificent natural features and Vastayan staff mill about. A large, colorful tent-shaped building dominates this area of Ionia. When you walk in, you find a sit-down restaurant with a large stage in the middle. As customers sit and dine, Vastayan dancers will perform on the stage featuring all kinds of tricks, stunts, and choreography. If you're lucky, you might see Xayah and Rakan join the performance and take the spotlight for themselves. As you explore the region further, you find the human side of the country with all sorts of characters to run into, including Zed, Shen, Akali, Irelia, Karma, Yasuo, and others. There's even a training dojo where a holograpic Lee Sin instruct you on how to do some poses that are simply wayyyy too hard to copy. And you would be damned if you expected there to be an actual staff member rather than an incorporated screen acting as a blindfolded Lee Sin. You also discover a place called Jhin's Theater with an ominous Jhin mask looming over the entrance. The show times are listed and the once you can view include the Tale of the Wolf and the Lamb, The Reign of the Golden Demon, the Battle for the Placidium. As it turns out, the Tale of the Wolf and Lamb is scheduled to start soon. You decide to walk inside. Popcorn, candy, and drinks are sold by staff members masked in attire similar to Jhin, but with different faces on each of them. you buy yourself and coke and are led inside to find yourself a seat. You're happy to find that although small, the theater houses enough seats to make room for a modest crowd. While you wait, you hear Jhin conversing with actors backstage. Occasionally, you hear him fire his gun, blasting away an actor in a spectacle of magic and color. "Perfection! I. Require. Perfection! My show will be nothing short of _beautiful_," he says, his silhouette laughing maniacally behind the curtain. Suddenly, the light dims and a spotlight follows Jhin to the center of the stage. He bows graciously. "Ladies and gentlemen, I am the esteemed director of this magnificent establishment. During the performance, I ask that you silence your phones, and refrain taking videos, photos, most especially flash photography--" suddenly, behind you, a flash goes off. When you look, you find a digital fan looking at his phone. "This is so cool," he says. Jhin whips out his gun and fires at the fan, turning him into an explosion of flower petals with nothing left of him but his phone. "If this performance is perfect, I expect you to be too. Enjoy the show." He walks backstage humming a tune before falling silent. The curtain rises and you watch a show about an outlaw running from the authorities and having an encounter with Kindred. He refuses to go peacefully and as Wolf chases him down, you find out more and more about his life, the mistakes he's made, and the decisions that lead him up to this point. In no more than 20-30 minutes, the show finishes and you make your way to the exit. You find out that while the other two plays are more developed because they focus on specific storylines, this particular chow featuring Kindred alternates between four different stories change depending on the season that you visit the park. You can't wait to find out what the others are about. The last and final region in the park is Bilgewater. The staff here are all dressed in grungy pirate attire and walk around carrying flintlocks and swords. There's a tavern that serves barbeque and drinks, along with a bar that serves patrons over the drinking age. In some of the corner tables, you'll find the likes of Graves and Twisted Fate playing a game of cards against other tavern customers, bickering among each other in a series of trash talk remarks. Down the street you'll find Tahm Kench standing inside an old fishing hut near a swamp as he converses with strangers passing by. Some folks even put a coin in his mouth, prompting him to thank the person and swallow to coin. Beyond the docks, are two pirate ships. One is captained by Gangplank and other is captained by Miss Fortune. They yell out commands at kids manning the water gun cannons at each ship as they attempt to spray their adversaries. As you continue walking, you run into Pyke looking out from a dark tunnel, holding a long list of names. You see people registering their faces and names and watching them show up on the list. Whenever the person walks past Pyke, their names would appear on the list. "You... I've seen you before. Those legs won't carry you far," he threatens to the person who's name newly appears. Apparently, once the name is in the system, it can recognize your face even on your next visit. You simply have to re-register every few years, especially if you're only a child. Next to Pyke is the ride, Burning Tides, which, as the name suggests, features the story of Gangplank's fall and return in an indoor water ride through the streets of Bilgewater. You may get wet on one of the few moderately sized drops that the rides throws you on. As you continue to explore, you discover that here, the park features an event uncannily similar to Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios. The Harrowing, where demons from the Shadow Isles as well as from all parts of Runeterra take over the entire park, not just Bilgewater. Even Bandle City has the shadows of Pentakill shrouding its skies. At this time of year, various haunted houses open up at night for you to walk through. Escaping the Warden features a haunted house where you and one friend have to escape the clutches of Thresh, the Chain Warden. In Fiddlestick's Fields, a group of you and your friends try to cross a field maze while avoiding the wrath of the demonic scarecrow. Other haunted houses include Shaco's Playhouse, Your Favorite Nightmare featuring Evelynn for audiences 18+ (while there is no nudity, Evelynn's appearance is still rather skimpy for younger customers), Karthus' Ritual, and more. While your visit did not happen to take place during this time, you can only imagine how much fun it would be to walk through the park while staff members dressed as demons and monsters prowl the park, searching for unsuspecting visitors to scare. The sun begins to set and you've happily enjoyed League of Legends World. Exhausted yet satisfied, you make your way towards the exit. "Thank you for visiting! Hope to see you again soon!" a sign reads as you make your way back to the hotel. Such is a day, as a visitor in League of Legends World. (This took me sooooooo long to write. I poured a lot into this and I really really really hope you like it! :) )

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