Aatrox Plush

I doodled a quick Aatrox plush not too long ago because I'd really like to see an official one in the store! He's so tiny and angry! https://66.media.tumblr.com/ccb2f1156006ad360fa0dba9b5f040a7/tumblr_pkl4frbwsm1r6hcp5o1_1280.png I have the Nasus plush and am considering getting the Thresh plush next; they're super cute. If there was an Aatrox one I'd definitely buy it because I want to let Riot know that my main man Aatrox is well-liked and supported. (I don't really like his BM skin and am not about to drop 100 bucks on what is essentially a chroma for a skin I don't like so... more alternative options to support my main would be great!) Related note: here's an Aatrox plush I already own, just to show that these are a thing I'm interested in dropping money to collect. (made with the power of budsies!) https://66.media.tumblr.com/bd9afc005fe3a3d7b1ca43f3d2244574/tumblr_pk6feip05T1r6hcp5o1_1280.jpg I love him though he leaves a little to be desired in some areas admittedly :'D and like I said I'd really like an official one to support him officially. More merch of him in general would be awesome! Pls Rito give me more options to show Aatrox some love ;_;

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