A Fanmade VFX Concept for Ryze

LOL Ryze VFX Concept (Fanmade) - Enigmatic Nemesis(?) Ryze
A vfx concept for Ryze from LOL made by me, this is not official work! The theme is a black and white color palette, like ying-yang! Made in unity, and yes I know a few animations are not perfect xP!
I just wanted to share a vfx concept I've worked hard on for the past week or two. The placeholder name is Enigmatic Nemesis Ryze. The theme is supposed to be a kind of a ying-yang type of skin, with strong ties to the black and white color scheme. I don't know how well it will fit in the LoL universe, but a negative or black/white color scheme is something that I've always wanted to create as a vfx concept. Thanks for watching :).
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