An XP bar for your Honor

So one thing about the honor system this season is that because of how much theyve slowed down the honor gain, it can be difficult to tell if you are even actively gaining honor. Ive been stuck on the last checkpoint of tier 2 for like a month now and its really kinda frustrating to not know if im even making progress. So I was thinking what if we had an XP bar kinda thing for Honor, that showed at least if you were gaining honor or not. I mean, I understand that Honor gain might not be linear, but some kind of representation of consistent honor growth (so you know you arent losing honor for some reason or something) would be nice. For me at least its kinda like back when we didnt have the loading swirly when loading into games, you would just sit there, fretting about whether you were really loading or not... wondering if something had gone wrong... and its kinda nerve-wracking. I was hoping to get some input from you guys if anyone else feels the same way

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