WIP AAtrox rework concept (really unrefined atm)

Aatrox concept Passive (initial thoughts are for them to be separate but probably might change bloodlust to be max inspiration) Inspire + bloodlust system (applies to ALL allies individually) Inspire = courage, etc Build up from presence, damage, buffing Results in increased combat stats (movement, attack speed, faster CDs[blood moon style]) Bloodlust = Atrocity, brutality, etc Builds up from kills, Aatrox abilities Results in increased omnivamp or some form of health globe drop from enemies, attacks become neutral under bloodlust effects (can hit and target allies, can hit corpses) Q - Same with slight additions Increases inspiration for each enemy champion near target and additional amount for each unit hit W - change (new focus on sword) passive - units that take damage leave a pool of blood behind, aatrox's blade can absorb these pools to increase in size adding more range and a small AoE (lifesteal contributes to less but is less effective on aatrox's own hp), fades over set rate active - extends striking all targets in path, can reactivate before it retracts to sweep dealing damage again E - slight change Starts behind aatrox and builds speed (would add a recast when Q'íng into it but maybe not) R - Change ____ Urgot Concept >Three forms >>Batman: The Dark Knight style/Hearthstone deathrattle concept >>Armored Hextech Tank >>>Limited cone vision >>>Pseudo turn rate >>>>Constant movement to mimic turn rate >>>Directional armor/armaments >>>Multiple cannon type >>Crab Spider >>>Similiar to current form >>>Possible new abilities >>>Resemble Starcraft dragoon more >>Crawling Blob >>>Similiar to unmounted Kled >>>Reduced movement speed >>>Limited abilities

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