CCOS May - Eden, Guardian Angel

**Eden, Guardian Angel** "Angelic Abathur", except more so and without Abathur&#039;s flaws. Eden is not an independent character but an angelic spirit who inhabits allies and jumps between them, using her abilities to bless her host or harm nearby enemies. --- > # Lore > **FIRST LIGHT** > > In the beginning, there was the wrenching void, and chaos. And from chaos coalesced a kernel of order, a radiant star dispelling the primordial maelstrom. For no despair may exist without hope, and no existence without life to admire it. > > And he said, "Let there be light!" And there was light. > > And from light sprung life in all its myriad forms, from the humble worm in the earth to the many races of mortals gifted with the Arclight&#039;s spark of intelligence and free will. > > But mortals are fickle, wayward, easily swayed by darkness. Thus by divine grace we were created as the Arclight&#039;s shield and blade. They call us guardian angels, loa, primal spirits, axions, the soft rains that return a devout farmer&#039;s crops to life, the thunder that strikes down his heathen neighbour. Only those deserving of our blessings or punishments can see us. But know that we are watching beyond mortal sight, guiding those who live a life of righteousness and humility on the path to salvation. > > I am Eden, angel of fire and steel, guardian of paladins, crusaders and holy warriors. If you are worthy of the Arclight&#039;s blessings, I will be with you on the battlefield. I will raise my shield against those who seek to harm you, lend you my wings when the clarion call resounds, grant you the strength to deliver the unbelievers unto the Arclight. I do not judge - for the Arclight alone is the highest judge. > > *AMGEDPHA!* --- > # Abilities # Passive - Guardian Angel > Eden is a disembodied angelic spirit with no physical form and does not exist as an independent unit. Instead, she may "inspire" (inhabit) an allied champion, minion or building. She appears hovering above her host and can autoattack and cast abilities from the position of her host. > > She starts the match inspiring the fountain and may transfer to a new host at will. > > **Movement** > Eden does not have access to Recall. Instead, the **B** button is used to transfer to a different host. Transfer range is unlimited, but there is a 1.5 second channel before the transfer starts, followed by a travel time that is based on distance (1 second for each 3000 units). She can interrupt the channel before it completes by pressing **B** again. > > A holy symbol appears above her new host when she starts the channel, which flares up with holy light when the channel finishes. Both teams can see the symbol. > > If the target dies before the channel completes, the transfer is cancelled and goes on a 10 second cooldown. > > **Health** > Eden cannot be targetted or damaged directly, but any incoming damage hitting her host is split proportionally between both health pools. In practical terms, if she has 2K health and her host has 4K health, her host receives 66% of the damage and she receives 33%. Armor and magic resistance is applied after the damage is split. > > Any crowd control that affects her host also affects her, with the exception of self-inflicted crowd control (Varus Q preventing actions, Rumble passive). > > She passively regenerates 2% of his maximum health per second, increased to 6% in combat. > > **Death** > Eden dies when her health hits 0 or when her host dies regardless of her own remaining health. Upon respawn, Eden starts out inspiring the fountain and may immediately transfer back to a new host. > > **Summoner spells** > Eden cannot select Flash or Teleport. She can select Ghost, which will grant its effect to her host instead. > > *Use: The possession concept has been suggested several times on this board and has been implemented by Blizzard in the form of Abathur, who is rife with problems. The biggest issue is that the ability to jump between champions at will is essentially a Shen ult with no cooldown, which is why Eden does have a lengthy travel time and a tell. By taking this balance issue out of the equation, Eden herself is allowed to be more effective in battle. The other problem with Abathur is that your team is a body short, which is why Eden does have a health bar and shares it with her host.* # Q - Sunlance > * Cooldown: 10 seconds (starts when cast) > * Mana cost: 50/55/60/65/70 > > Eden conjures a white hot burning spear and (after a 0.5 second animation) throws it at a targetted location within 900 units of her host. The spear travels at a speed of 1200 units and explodes on impact with the ground, dealing 25/35/45/55/65 (+30% AP) magic damage in a 120 unit radius. > > This ability can be re-activated up to 4 times within 6 seconds to throw more spears, but there is a 0.5 second cooldown between each activation. > > Enemies hit by 2 spears within 6 seconds are blinded for 1.5/1.7/1.9/2.1/2.3 seconds. Enemies hit by 3 spears within 6 seconds are stunned for 1.3/1.6/1.9/2.2/2.5 seconds. The spears do not all have to come from the same activation. > > *Use: As a guardian angel, Eden needs a way to protect her charge, but a plain shield or defensive buff is uninteresting. This ability adds a lot of crowd control to her kit, as long as her aim is good and her host positions themselves correctly.* # W - Blessing of Rapture > * Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds (starts when cast) > * Mana cost: 60/65/70/75/80 > > Eden awakens a zealous frenzy in her host for 1.5 seconds, increasing her host&#039;s movement speed by 20/25/30/35/40%, attack speed by 30/40/50/60/70% and causing her host&#039;s cooldowns to tick down 20% faster. > > Its remaining duration is extended by 0.4 seconds whenever Eden damages an enemy champion with an ability. The burn damage from **E** is counted once per second. There is no limit to the duration. > > *Use: The problem with Abathur is that you can&#039;t really affect the outcome of a fight beyond spamming buttons in the direction of the enemy. This ability is very powerful if she can keep it active but doing so is difficult, rewarding Eden for being skilled.* # E - Warrior&#039;s Flame > * Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11 seconds (starts when cast) > * Mana cost: 60/65/70/75/80 > > Eden summons a radiant shield and raises it in a chosen direction for 4 seconds with a rallying gesture, emanating a 60 degree cone of scorching solar heat with a range of 700 units. Enemies in the cone take 15/25/35/45/55 (20% AP) magic damage per second and they take 15% more damage from all sources. The cone is connected to her host and moves with it, but its facing direction remains constant. > > This is not a channelled ability and Eden can take other actions while this ability is active, but the target of those actions must be inside the cone because she is facing in that direction. > > The ability can be terminated early by re-activating it or when using **B** to transfer to another host. > > *Use: As an offensive support, she needs a way to weaken enemies. It is hard to use and requires both her and her host to pay attention, but the benefits are worth it.* # R - Rising Dawn > * Cooldown: 120/100/80 seconds > * Mana cost: 100 > > Eden channels for up to 5 seconds, creating a slowly expanding miniature sun between her hands. > > The sun emits an aura that heals nearby friendly characters within a radius of 300 units 60/90/120 (+20% AP) points per second. As she channels, the aura grows stronger by 10/20/30 (+5% AP) points per second and its radius increases by 150 units per second. > > On second activation, she stops channelling and launches the sun at an enemy within 1200 range. It travels at a speed of 750 units and homes in on the target, exploding for 100/150/200 (+50% AP) magic damage and an additional 50/75/100 (+10% AP) for each second channelled. The explosion stuns the target for 1.6/1.9/2.2 seconds. > > The sun still emits its healing aura while travelling to the target, but no longer expands. > > * Total heal: 400/650/900 (+150% AP) over 5 seconds > * Maximum magic damage: 350/525/700 (+100% AP) > > *Use: A risky channel with great rewards for her team if they can protect her host from disables. It heals for a lot and then nukes an enemy for a lot. It is important to predict incoming enemy crowd control and use the second activation before the channel gets interrupted.* **Champion stats** > Shared health: 300 (+50) > Shared health regen: 7.5 (+0.5) > Mana: 350 (+50) > Mana regen: 7.25 (+0.75) > Range: 550 - holy bolt attack > Attack damage: 55 (+2.5) > Attack speed: 0.65 (+1.75%) > Armor: 20 (+4) > Magic resist: 30 > Cannot move **Role** > AP support (botlane). **Recommended items** > {{item:3158}} {{item:2049}} {{item:3092}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3024}} {{item:3026}} --- > # Quotes **Upon selection** > * The path to salvation glistens with the blood of the unbelievers. **Attacking** > * Strength and fire. > * They shall know. > * Might and wisdom. > * Power and glory. > * Ashes to ashes. > * Reap the whirlwind. > * Your gods will not help you. **Destroying a structure** > * A plague upon your cities. > * And the walls will fall. ** Joke** > * Trust in the Arclight and keep your mana full. **Taunt** > * The Arclight is mercy. I am not. **Inspiring a champion** > * Have no fear. > * The Arclight watches. > * Divine intervention. > * Your prayers answered. > * My wings enwrap you. > * I shall guide you. > * Have faith. > * Stand firm. > * Divinity embraces you. > * You have been chosen. **Leaving a champion** > * I am needed elsewhere. > * I must leave. > * Carry the torch. > * Have faith in yourself. > * Go forth and conquer. > * The Arclight is within you. **Leaving a champion <10% health and in combat** > * Not all can be saved. > * A test of faith. > * The Arclight helps those who help themselves. **Upon using Blessing of Rapture** > * Slay for a greater glory. > * Cast them aside. > * Make them kneel. > * Raise the tempest. > * Blind and burn. > * Forward without fear. > * For this world and the next. > * **Galio** - Plunge them into the fiery pit. **Upon using Rising Dawn** > * Come into the light! > * Rise, faithful! > * Drink of his glory! > * Bask in his radiance! **Upon re-activating Rising Dawn if the target is a champion and the damage will be fatal (global)** > * And the wicked shall burn. > * No one escapes judgement. > * Amen. --- > # CCOS bonus objective > Not sure how I feel about the outcome essentially being decided by who brings the best memes. > > > > ---
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