Darkin Concept Zaaxtro The Serrated Blade

Passive Lifeline: upon taking damage, Zaaxtro increases his movement speed Active: When Zaaxtro fills up his blood well (3 stacks), upon casting abilities. He gains a blood rush, tripling his bonus movement speed and increases his attack damage. Q: Umbral Dash Zaaxtro dashes forward (scaling with movement speed) And whips his weapon forward dealing aoe damage to targets in front of him. Enemies hit by his blade are slowed. Blade stuns his target instead) Whip increases his dash range and applies a bleed at the blade) W: Formless (Toggle Ability) Active Blade (Off) Zaaxtro forms his weapon into a serrated sword, increasing his cc and flat damage on some of his attacks Whip (On) Zaaxtro forms his weapon into a serrated whip, increasing his range and shreds a flat amount of armour (4 stacks) E: Umbral Spin (really short range) Passive Greatly Reduces the cooldown whenever he attacks an enemy (scales with attack speed and damage)(cast time is lowered by attack speed) Active Zaaxtro twirls dealing damage around him Blade Enemies hit by the tip of the blade are knocked up (heals him for the amount of damage dealt, increasing the healing the lower he gets) Whip Grants a long slow and shreds a flat amount of armour (3 stacks) R: Massacre Passive Resets his Q, Umbral Dash, on kills or assists Active Zaaxtro shocks the ground around him, dealing damage around him, filling up his blood well and increases it's effect. Zaaxtro combines his two forms, applying all effects on his forms on all his attacks. Gameplay Zaaxtro is a darkin assassin who can switch stances whenever he wants in battle. He can either be a carry with his hard engage with his cc, or be a agile assassin, shreding through and sticking to his enemies.
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